Excuses,!! Excuses,!!! Excuses !!!

Jan 23, 2006
Whenever I am purchasing myself yet another bag, I usually like to give myself a nice big juicy excuses like:

1 mmmm I really need it.

2 You only live once.

3`This one matches my boots better.
4 Its cheaper than the last one I bought.

5 This could be it for a while.

It works everytime, How about you, What do you tell yourself when you see a purse or bag you want ?
No. 1, 2,and 5 and I use my own personal excuse of since my husband doesn't buy me jewelry ever (I'm not a lover of fine jewelry) and we've been married for 20 years, so deserve a handbag once in awhile.
It will hold its value and I can sell it later (why it's a good idea to get classic, designer bags).

It will last for 20 years if I decide to keep it for that long.
"I need an every day bag"... that is my excuse for every new bag i want to buy. My BF hears this and tells me i am ridiculous b/c i keep on saying this but never use the bags I buy and am always on the lookout for another "every day bag"....truth is: I just want more and more!!
Im planning on telling my mum "its only my 18th birthday once" and also i find "its my money so i'll spend it how i like" also works when ordering expensive goods ;)
Let's see...the following usually floats through my head:

if not now, when
Chris (the DH) just bought xxxx auto part
I had a real productive week
this is a really good find
I have to have it
my CC just flew out of my wallet and attacked the register

(the list could go on and on...)
Loganz said:
my CC just flew out of my wallet and attacked the register

I like that one! Too funny!

I have some of the same thoughts as most people...

---You only live once
---It's a classic
---I really need it (although I know I don't)
---It's my money
---Better get it before it's too late or it increases in price
---Well, my boyfriend isn't going to get it for me, so I might as well
I NEED that bag!
It's on sale!
It will be sold out if I don't get it right now!
I deserve it!
I really really want it!
It's the perfect, size, color shape, etc.
I don't have that size, color, shape, designer yet!
It will make me happy!
I will feel good and look good carrying it!
Purses last so long, they are worth the money!
I'll just give up _________ so I can afford it.
Hubby will have no idea how much I paid.
No one else will get it for me.
It's for a special occasion. (B-day, V-day, anniversary, Christmas)
I'm not buying any cloths till I loose weight, soooo.
The purse blog made me do it!
I had PMS that week.
I'm trying to build a collection or purse wardrobe.
This will be the lat one for a while I promise.
It's good for the econmy.
Okay, I could keep going on, but I think you get the idea!