Excuse my language but WTH

  1. are these ??


  2. I think that pic was taken at a porn convention..and guess who the "actress" is! Yep, miss best dressed!
  3. No, I am wrong. That is Borders book store. Looks like she wrote a book. hehe
  4. When will her 15 minutes of fame be up? :rolleyes:
  5. Ewww gross...:yucky:
    Somehow though, that woman can wear anything and get away with it - i guess we kind of expect it from her...:shrugs:
    Oh and lol @ wrote a book.... must be the worlds first one-line novel...?!:wlae::hysteric:
  6. I can't see the pic.....!!! :sad:
  7. Who is that :wtf:? She wrote a book? She's an author?
  8. who? I can't see the picture!
  9. Jordan, and its a good job you cant, honest!
  10. Oh my, what in the holy mother of god are those?
  11. I'm speechless... :yucky: :throwup:
  12. Not to sound dumb-but, who is that?
  13. who is that?
  14. I don't know who it is and quite frankly I don't care if I see her again.
    Are they boots or are they stockings?
    One thing is for sure, there is a heck of a lot of silicon or bags of saline hanging around there.
  15. Aack!