excuse my ignorance!

  1. But i really dont understand the reasons behind the passion for hermes!

    I would appereciate if some1 explains to me the beauty behind this type of bags... or is it bcz it's a status symbol.... i'm very confused!!!

    hermes experts tell me about your passion for hermes! what it is exactly about?! :Push:
  2. Hm. I'm kind of interested to hear more on this as well. I know the material is expensive but surely not for the prices they charge.
  3. For me it is the timeless styling, quality, durability, (I have a kelly that my grandmother had in the 60's and it still looks perfect, and fashionable), the bolide designed over 70 years ago is still a big seller and just as usable and elegant as ever, most designers design "hot new" bags, that are flashy and fun, but look outdated within one or two seasons
  4. I have to think that the early attention to details such as datestamping to preclude fakes, along with the ability to have even decades-old bags serviced at a reasonable price has a lot to do with why Hermes is considered such a quality company.
  5. don't they make the bags by hand as well?
  6. -the kelly is such aclassic ladylike handbag but also looks fab when paire with jeans and a tee
    -the birkin is so multifuntional wear it open as a nice daytime tote close it with or without flaps and you have a fab evening dinner bag
    -the craftsmenship and the leathers are immaculate
    -noone does colour as well as hermès all the other designer bags in such pop colours look tacky and cheap
    -the croc are the best and the glazing just a dream not even bottega can do so
    -they are investment pices and timeless
    -the are so durable
    -the can be cleaned refurbished etc no other designer exept vuitton offers that
    -the fact that you can built your own bag (choose the leather the hardware the stitching the colour) no other brand offer that customizing
    -the leathers are absolutely the best you can find so soft yet durable and flawless touch a hermès and another high leather brand with closed eyes you will always pick the hermés
    -they are handmade

    i just love them and will do so until i take my last breath :love:
  7. ^ yes, but don't a lot of designers?
  8. Wow! Your grandmother's Kelly?! That's a legacy!
  9. The only other designers I can think of that fill those categories to me are Louis Vuitton and Chanel. However in the last 5+ years or so they started to vary greatly from the originals, making them more trendy, but also too flashy for me. I got turnes off to LV when the different designers changed the designs too much eg.: the white and black multicolore and murakami LV's. but that's just me and my motives to go all-hermes-all -the -time! :flowers:
  10. To sum it all up they only use the top of the line leathers/hides/skins/materials. There cannot be any imperfections or the materials will not be used.

    Every part of the bag is made by hand. There are a small number of craftsmen/women that do this. It is kind of a lost art.

    Some clients are able to custom order their bags.

    Your bag can always be refurbished to look like new and can be sent back to its original maker.

    They are clasic styles that will always be in fashion.

    (Just some of the many reasons)
  11. My grandfather bought it for my grandmother, she used it, now my mom and I alternate using it.:girlsigh: (she is the lucky kelly holder at the moment)
  12. Hearing stories like this is what makes me love Hermes.
  13. That one seems more relative to the consumer than it is a fact. Either whats considered in changes unexpectedly or the fact that some people dont care whats "in" as long as they love it.
  14. I was told that most LVs are not 100% made by hand anymore (as in maybe 90% by hand and the rest by machine) except for certain limited edition pieces, same goes with Chanel. Somehow I was under the impression that Bottega Veneta and Hermes are the only ones left who do everything by hand.

    For me, it's definitely the quality, the fact that it's one-of-a-kind (hand-made), as perfect as it can get by being made by hand, and its timelessness. It's the best investment there is because it'll last forever and it's the only bag whose value will only continue to go up over the years.
  15. I see it as something that'll always be in fashion because it will not get dated in Hermes' terms. With Hermes bags, when they come out with a bag it's always going to be the permanent line. They don't do "It" bags or seasonal bags like other designers do. Therefore, their bags won't look dated and hence always in fashion.:flowers: