Exclusively online items


Feb 4, 2014
Hi all. I ordered the exclusive online reversed eclipse card holder Wednesday last week. My order went through and my bank was charged. However, I am unable to see the status of my order under my account online. I called client services and was told that since it’s a popular and hard to get item, I would have to wait longer but they didn’t really provide a timeline. I asked if it’s possible to just cancel, as it was supposed to be a gift for Father’s Day and if it would take long, I’d rather cancel. I was told that unfortunately they aren’t able to cancel but I can initiate a return once I have my item. I’m not sure why I’m unable to cancel and be refunded if it’s currently out of stock. I am willing to wait a reasonable time; however, to be told that they don’t know yet but I will get shipping confirmation once it ships, is not very comforting. Has anyone experienced this before when ordering popular items? If so, how long did it take?