**Exclusive** Nicole Ritchie and Madden's Baby Pic!!!OMG

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  1. [​IMG]
  2. excuse all those watermarks, that website apparently wants credit for releasing this

    Source: Mediatakeout.com
  3. That baby is so cute, however if someone in the hospital nursery snapped this on there camera phone I would be spitting venom if I was nicole. Is there no such thing as privacy anymore. So sad. I dont even know if thats the situation, dont want to get anyone rattled it just looks like a shady shot and not one the "family" would release. kwim?
  4. ^^ definitely. Someone got paid top dollar for that pic
  5. I agree. It really is unfair for Nicole & Joel if this was taken by someone random (don't know if this is the case either, but it seems like it could be possible based on the quality of the picture). The baby is adorable, though.
  6. The baby sure is adorable, but we really don't know who's baby is it. I seriously doubt it's Nicole's and Joel's little girl. They were just one day at the hospital and I hope nodoby took a picture without their knowledge.
  7. Gosh I hope somebody didnt take the picture illegally. I would feel so violated if somebody was taking pictures of my baby to make money out of her.

    On the other hand, if they did release this, she really is as cute as a button :smile:
  8. [FONT=Trebuchet MS, Geneva, Ari]January 16, 2008. MediaTakeOut.com got its hands on what we are told are photos of Nicole and Joel's baby Harlow Winter Kate Madden shortly after birth.[/FONT]

    [FONT=Trebuchet MS, Geneva, Ari]According to our source, these pics were snapped by a hospital worker about 30 minutes after Harlow was born. Isn't she precious...[/FONT]

    Yikes! :wtf::sad:

    Here is another pic at the source.


  9. its Nicole Ritchie and the Madden character (sorry, dont know his first name)'s baby
  10. She is cute, looks like Mommy!
  11. precious
  12. Beautiful little baby!!
  13. Someone needs to be fired at the hospital for this. That is a HUGE no-no.
  14. I agree. Talk about being unprofessional and greedy! It seems like people will do anything for money these days.
  15. Wow..what an invasion of their privacy...I am sure when they find out they will be sooo pissed...

    she is really cute though, going to be a beautiful little girl!
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