Exclusive Light Silver Metallic Timeless Clutch!!! *PICS*

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  1. [​IMG]
    Got these pictures from Chanel Ala Moana today. This is the Hawaii exclusive light silver metallic timeless clutch that should be retailing at $1,195. It's the same type of metallic lambskin used on the reissues. :love:

    Sorry, crappy pics. From my phone haha.
  2. OMG, Im speechless!!! Absolutely stunning!! I can see Paris Hilton getting one of these real soon! LOL. She gets all the good ones.
  3. WOW that is amazing... can I order from hawaii???
  4. [​IMG]
  5. I forgot, it doesn't come out until July. It's just a teaser sample they have on display lol.
  6. Noegirl, yes you can order from Hawaii. Just call the Ala Moana Chanel boutique. One benefit is if you are in the US, that store is probably still open since they are 6 hours behind the East coast (maybe 5 hours with the time change).
  7. Naughty teases :nogood:, getting us all hot and bothered by that gorgeous clutch :drool:
  8. Ohhh, sexy sexy haha, wow!! :nuts: :heart: If I didn't have the light silver 225 reissue (which basically serves the same purpose as an evening type clutch, but is more versatile), I would consider this (although I'd have to wait for a long time before I got my hands on it haha)... it's so fun!! :heart:
  9. I could wear that to a ball. So Cinderella...
  10. that is stunning...
  11. Holy cow! I love that clutch!!! I'll have to wait for July then.....:drool::drool::drool:
  12. Gorgeous--any word on whether they'll do one in gold?
  13. ^No idea. I can definitely imagine them doing a metallic gold, but it will probably be in another season. :yes:

    Still debating if I want to ask my SA to reserve me one...
  14. It's divine pretty....price is quite reasonable! Thanks for posting!
  15. oh I love it!:heart: I'd have definitely one reserved for me hadn't I got it in 225 reissue :love:like Minal's! Thanks so much for posting!it is absolutely great for special occassions and believe me a real stunner:yahoo:!You shouldn't miss on it!;)
    (I think -well almost positive- that the metallic distressed leather on the reissues is calfskin,while the distressed metallic they released in black/gold and silver with the CC logo this year is lambskin!:yes:)