Exclusive info on SS 08 bags (and shoes and accessories)

  1. So, today, I finally had something really exciting to do here at Elle Magazine, organizing the BV pictures from the accessories fair in Milan.

    And let me tell you, temptations are coming right up.

    I don`t dare to post pictures, because they haven`t been authorized yet, but here are some descriptions:

    -Envelope bag in what looks like Python (rougher than the Karung)
    -Slouchy big shoulder bag in the same material
    -Small metallic pouches with the swirl motive
    -New Ball in croc
    -Montaigne in croc, in a color that`s a little paler than Limo, maybe Sale?
    -Montaigne Club Stripe in ostrich
    -And for all the Knot clutch lovers: two versions, one in lizard with an appliquéd butterfly and a metallic version with the round Intrecciato swirl on it!


    In addition to the shoes that have been shown, there will be very nice wedges and peep-toe spectator shoes!

    And the bracelets! And the earrings!

  2. Sounds fab! Can't wait to see the pics! Any heads up on the new SS08 colours???
  3. Oh Claus, they do sound so tempting. The crocs, the Knots, the wedges, the peep toes. You're killing me!!! And no pics!!!

  4. thanks claus:smile:

    now i am going to wait patiently for pictures!:heart:
  5. SS08 Trunk show is in mid-November!
  6. Thanks for sharing, C_24. What a great internship you 've got!!
    ...swirl swirl swirl...:tender:
  7. What a treat that would be, with the BV accessories. Thanks for the peek into the future.
  8. :yahoo:

    I am in love with the collection, and adore most things I've seen so far. Thanks for thinking of us, C! And what a fun way to spend the day!
  9. Ooh, your internship is serving us nicely ~ glad you are having fun and sharing tidbits!
  10. What a lucky guy you are, C_24! To get first viewing of the new collection and colors...sigh... we can't wait for pictures!
  11. Cant wait to see the pics.... :nuts:
  12. Ooh spill the beans! What are the colours? I am desperately trying to wait for the new colours to see if there is anything I like more than the green veneta from this season. Does anyone know what the green intrecciato colour is called? VKD
  13. Oooh... thanks.... but no pics, this can't do!
    Please don't make us wait too long..... getting very excited now.
  14. they all sound very yummy! :love:

    just can't wait for the pictures...the suspense is killing me.

    thanks for sharing the info and keeping us posted!
  15. Okay, still no pics yet, but the colors include a mustardy yellow, a muted pink, many neutral tones in the white shade area.

    I`m still figuring out how to download the pics from our server...