Exclusive Hong Kong Bag at new BV store

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  1. Went to the new BV store in Harbour City, Hong Kong, today as I read from here that there is a trunk show this weekend. However, the trunk show was only for the opening day, 25 May.

    It's the largest BV store in SE Asia. Anyway, saw this bag and I love it so much as it is really soft and light. :drool: However, it is too pricey for me and I would like to share with all BV lovers here. There are 2 colours, noce and the new greyish silver colour from Fall '07. It costs around $29000HKD and will take around 1 month to produce it. 100 and 150 of these 2 colours will be made. 100% limited edition and exclusive to Harbour City BV store only, not other BV stores in HK.

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  2. Wow, the bag is just gorgeous! I don't know what the conversion is in US dollars but I'm sure it's pretty hefty.
  3. I like it! The shape is fab and the additional shoulder strap is great.:okay: How big is the bag? At USD3,800, it should be quite sizable. Can't wait to see the new grey/silver colour.
  4. I think the size is perfect for everyday use / work.
  5. Beautiful bag! I love the style and color. I also wonder what the size is. wouldn't this look fantastic as a daily to-the-office bag?

    This post jogged my memory from the Chicago Neiman Marcus trunk show in March. The BV representative said they are making a bag exclusively for NM in honor of their 100th anniversary. I haven't heard any more about it.
  6. ^^This bag would def be great for work. :yes: I might have to make a trip to HK now, esp since the summer sales are up soon as well. :P

    Seems like BV makes commemorative bags for special occasions, can't wait to see if they do so for the opening of the stand-alone boutique here in Singapore next month.
  7. I think the new greyish/silver color is called Ferro (iron). I found out that the new lizard Cabat for F/W 07/08 is in this color.
  8. Beautiful.... and it would make such a wonderful carryall... [it looks big but i seems to like big bags.... I'm always telling others, my age is synonymous with my age, the bigger my age, the bigger my bags!!! LOL! I find that once I carry so many stuff in my bag, I can't seems to reduce them... not that I carry junk!

    Love this bag and wonder what would be the name for it... I love that the bag is totally woven. The colour is stunning too! Ferro (thnks uclaboi)... I'll be on the lookout for this colour... hopefully they'll have a Campana in this colour.... oops, I'm still on a self purse ban!
  9. :yes: That's the name of the new colour. I think it's GORGEOUS! So sleek!

    It's just called the Hong Kong Bag. It's actually gonna be available at select locations throughout Asia Pacific, and eventually the world later in the year ;)
  10. ^^ How exciting! ;) Cant wait to see the bag and the new colour (hope it'll be a hit like Limo).
  11. I love that color. It is a great but original neutral!
  12. I'm sure it will. BV does metallics quite well, IMO. I still want something.. ANYTHING from the silvery colour from the Resort 05 collection :tender:
  13. I love the Ferro colour. Just wonder why did the SA told me that the Hong Kong bag is exclusive to the BV in Harbour City.
  14. Maybe he/she wanted you to buy it right there. :smile:
  15. I was at the trunk show at Harbour City too. The colour Ferro is beautiful...it is a dark gunmetal grey with just the slightest hint of metallic, very subtle and not flashy at all.