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  1. I was at work today and a coworker was telling me that there are "secret" "exclusive" handbag companies that make ultra expensive bags that are only known to select people with obvious money. She said she was reading this in some book. She explained that there were "tiers" of bags, like toward the bottom would be Nine West and toward the middle would be Dooney and Coach, and the higher tier would be LV, Chanel, Hermes, etc. but then she said there was one that was the highest, but not many people know about because of its exclusivity. She kind of described it as being the AMEX Black card. Its something that is really exclusive but known by many, but many do not possess. I dont know, i figured i would ask you ladies if you know of anything like this. I wonder if this exclusivity applies to clothing too. Sorry if this question seems weird, im trying to word it so it makes sense, honestly she lost me a couple of times during the convo...LOL... If you know anything thanks for responding.;)
  2. Probably Hermes?
  3. Goyard, with only 12 places to buy it in the world

    It can definitley apply to clothes as well - houses like Lanvin, Chanel, and formerly Rochas (RIP.)
  4. My initial thought was also Goyard, but then again there are lots of St. Louis Totes in New York from what I've heard so it might be losing that exclusivity
  5. Globe Trotter??
  6. What book is she reading? I'm curious ... I want to read it!:flowers:
  7. umm...i think it is a series called The A-List or something like that. It is fiction but the names dropped are very real. She said that there were things in there that not many people know of or have access to because they are usually only afforded by those with mass amounts of money. When she said that the first thing i thought about was the middle east and the sheiks and stuff that occupy that part of the world. My friend is from Dubai and many people that have money over there live very very opulent. I dont know, but thanks for the responses thus far!