Exclusive eBay deals for PF-ers...

  1. Do you think seller's on eBay give any exclusive deals to PF-ers?

    If they don't yet, they should because we obviously might be enticed if the deals' right :yes:

    Has anyone ever had that experience? Please share details =)
  2. theres the market place for that but for tPF member who are non-members the deals might be very enticing and we'll all go broke!
  3. I'm thinking of starting to sell some of my bags on ebay too *nervous first time LV seller here*:sweatdrop: and have thought of offering some sort of discount to tPFers...I'm just unsure if it's ok to do that according to board rules and really, that would be "outing" myself as a tPFer, no? Or are these non-issues?:shrugs:
  4. That would be nice! I believe I have seen some PFers on Ebay offer free shipping to PF members...
  5. Ebay is as expensive as it is for fees on sellers. I offer all of my items cheaper than the competition, so I usually cannot give discounts on competitive items. I feel it's kind of rude that you think you are entitled to a discount from me. Just my $.02.
  6. I have sold on ebay and used to offer 5% off to existing and active TPF members. There are some people who do it and others will offer free shipping. Its something that I think everyone should offer.
  7. ^^ I agree it makes it so much nicer to know you are dealing with someone from tpf, I would however ask for their user name to check they were telling the truth - there are so many scammers out there who might use tpf to lure us into a false sense of security - or am I too paranoid LOL!
  8. Your paranoid!!!! Ask for the name and verify girl! That's the whole point right?
  9. I list my user name on here in my auctions. Not like my ebay user name is way off anyways ;)
  10. I have to agree... those eBay and paypal fees really add up.
  11. I don't think anyone was insinuating that they expected a discount it was just a mere inquiry how can you think that is rude?:flowers:
  12. That's what this thread has come accross to me as. This thread was about how TPF members should give discounts to other TPF members. Discounts won't help your sales, unless your items are already over priced, if that's what this was supposed to be about. My last 7 sales on Ebay have been to TPF members, without further discounts.
  13. Totally understandable...:flowers:
  14. It's nice if they do...but I don't think they should feel pressured into giving fellow members discounts :shrugs: If I was a seller, I'd probably only give a discount to members that I like :lol:
  15. LOL :lol: