Exclusive discounts to tPFers?

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  1. I just sent Styledrops an e-mail asking them if they would consider offering members of tPF an exclusive discount (I suggested 20%). :graucho: I suggested that it would increase their sales. Hey, it's worth a try, huh? :okay:
  2. LOL miu2. hope it works for tpf members.
  3. It will be wonderful if they would do that. Please keep us posted.
  4. never hurts to ask. I'd be more than shocked if they would be willing to do such a generous thing. Keeping fingers crossed just the same!!
  5. Better still if they can offer free international shipping:nuts:. It takes so long for the bags to arrive to singapore, and the number of pieces are so limited!!!!!
  6. ^Hey!!! Thanx!!! GREAT idea...you're right..it can't hurt!! Keep us posted!!
  7. great idea!! :tup:
  8. Rosemary, just wanted to send you a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY since I will be out of town this weekend celebrating mine as well!! :balloon: Taking 14 people to Disneyland for 3 days of the "Happiest Place on Earth"! :party:
  9. Thanks miu2 for your email to Styledrops ....... we'll keep our fingers crossed!
    Enjoy Disneyland ....... ride Space Mountain for me - my all time favorite ride.
    Happy Birthday!
  10. Thank you justonemore and I will ride it twice for you since we will be there 3 days!! I'm looking forward to seeing "Capt. Jack Sparrow" on the Pirates of the Caribbean (my all time fave). :happydance:
  11. That would be beyond fantastic!! Hopefully they come back and say 50% (heay a girl can dream right!!) :p

    THANKS and keep up posted!
  12. That's a great idea. Let us know what happens.
  13. It's not unheard of since other forums have been doing that. What made you choose Styledrops? I'm just wondering because I've never heard of them but that might be a good thing. ;)
  14. Go for it! All discounts are worth it! TPF has buying power!
  15. I don't want to be a grinch, but did you run this by Vlad or Megs? I think they want to be really careful using the Purse Forum's name in communications with companies. This might be one of those gray areas.

    I hope it's ok and it works : )
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.