Exciting things to come at Mulberry........

  1. Good news , I hope she likes the colour red !!!!!!
  2. I keep telling myself, Mulberry is going full guns into repositioning itself into a very luxury brand - ala Chloe - and I *think* they will be increasing their prices a lot in the coming year or so.

    As far as Outlets are concerned, well, to those naysayers, just because it's in an Outlet does not mean it's bad... I know Bottega Veneta is in the Palm Springs CA outlet store. I know because I've been there.

  3. Sadly, I agree. The prices are going to go thru the roof!! Too bad, there are no outlets in the US. I better buy my oak bag quick!!!!:graucho::graucho::graucho:
  4. Actually if this spring/summer season is anything to go on , then I`m not too bothered !!
    Apart from a couple of the bags I wouldn`t want any , in fact I wouldn`t even wear one if given to me as a gift..
    I much prefer old mulberry ( apart from Mabel of course !!)
    So actually I hope that they don`t revamp the brand to much.
  5. OH and I commented on this when we saw the website. There's been a hike in prices already - from £500 for a Bayswater to £800 bags. It puts Mulberry out of my price range. I have to say though that I am not too fussed about the latest collection, apart from Mabel which is lovely. I prefer the 'iconic' styles as they call them, like the Bays and the Roxy.

    ETA I agree with Plain Jane Too - there's nothing wrong with the outlets. I got my oak Bayswater from there and it's in excellent condition. Less scratched than the ones I've seen in Selfridges, anyway.
  6. With Mulberry stores sprouting up in the U.S., I think the next thing to come is a Mulberry outlet somewhere... Or am I dreaming? Terrible news that prices are going up! They need to come down. Prices have gotten out of hand and have priced me OUT.
  7. Ah yes.....I've done a google search on Mulberry and have read several trade publication articles that mention the expansion of Mulberry in the US market and I'm sure our "fears" will be realized - more $$ for these gorgeous bags. AND with someone new at the helm - who knows what will happen to the style/focus on their handbag designs.
    I think it's wise to purchase whatever is your beloved style.
  8. dcglam - I agree with you on the prices. I have my black Bayswater and really don't need another bag, but I may have to puchase something in oak or choc just before the prices go up. I realized that the Hanover doesn't close all the way so maybe another Bay or Roxanne. Might just have to look at the January sale and go ahead and buy and put up for future use!
  9. Bugger!!! I really like Mulberry as it is!! I don't mind new styles and directions,its healthy for a company to do that. But it sounds as if they are going to start pricing out all the Mulberry fan base with this new direction. I too am not above buying from outlets,I got a great bag from one,I will definately be planning future purchases from there while I watch from a distance what Mulberry will do,and if they do hike up to be in line with other designers,well,thats where all my future purchases will come from. Its just as agirlinwinter says £800 is out of her price range.Mine too.
  10. Don't panic!
    I don't think much will change and that we'll all still be able to afford Mulberry bags.
    They've done this before - brought in different creative directors - to rev up the top end lines but they've always maintained their middle price range collections as well.
    Mulberry is not going to alienate its core customers. Yes, they want to establish themselves firmly amongst the high end gang - Prada, Chanel etc - but if you notice they do it with one or two bags at a time - Mabel, Agyness at the moment.
    Thank goodness for the outlets! I think it's a pretty smart thing to buy a current hit bag such as Mabel for much less than the RRP by going to the outlets.

  11. I tend to agree with Sarajane on this one - l don't think they will alienate their customers - however, l can honestly say that l don't like some of their Mulberry Giles collection too fussy for Mulberry !!!
  12. Yes thank god for the outlets or I wouldn`t have mine:heart:

    What are the chances of picking up a red one from the outlets??

    Its not looking good at the mo , I rang up the other day and asked if they had a red Mabel , the lady the other end Laughed !!!

    Had I said something funny?????????????
  13. You know, bag designers and companies have their ups and downs. If Mulberry does go into a "higher end" direction...they will lose much of the current customer base. But perhaps they are looking for a new customer base. As with other brands, there might be years when the bags are good...or not so good. I think Mulberry has a firm understanding of their particular style. They've spent a lot of time perfecting it. However, look at all the permutations that Coach and Dooney & Bourke have been through. So we can just hope that they keep their iconic styles that they worked so hard to make iconic.
  14. Not about Mulberry and bags to come but...

    The above exchange of posts just makes me giddy! What a very, VERY nice exchange of thoughts! Such articulate, mature, FUN, gals we have here at the Mulberry forum!

    Honorable mention for the regular tPFers above: gtomad, taraholmes, kroquet, agirlinwinter, dcblam, chaz, sarajane, tropical gal...
    I am sure there are others I haven't mentioned... but those above who posted before this post are listed here... oh let's not forget, flyvetjo, rachiem, who else? Ugh, i'm just cheating and copying the names before this post...

    you gals make my heart sing and put a smile in my face...exactly WHY I hang around here!