Exciting reveal!

  1. Hi everyone! So I've been searching for a new BV wallet for quite some time now (after my first lizard one was stolen two years ago.) Anyway I managed to track down this black ostrich wallet billfold after calling every BV in the US! Everyone said they didn't have it or it didn't exist but I was sure I'd seen it somewhere before. The LA store had one and they sent it to the store near me and I took it home from there... The sales associate said it was the last one in the country! What do you guys think!? =)
  2. i think it's beautiful. what a lucky find- enjoy.
  3. Stunning reveal. Enjoy and congrats.
  4. It's really gorgeous. There's something about its simplicity.
  5. Very nice! Congratulations! What a nice 'reward' for your hard work hunting him down!
  6. Simply elegant. Enjoy
  7. Beauty. It will last for a long time :smile: Congrats. Your hard work pays off
  8. very elegant
  9. Lovely! Congrats, your tenacity paid off!
  10. Wow lucky you! It is gorgeous! Come back and let us know how it ages (or not age) in a few months.
  11. That is one gorgeous find!!! Love black ostrich. Enjoy!
  12. Wow that's determination! Congrats on finding it!
  13. Classic and lovely! Congrats!
  14. I think you are a person with exceptionally good taste. I love this and want one! Ostrich is by far my favorite exotic and wish I could afford an ostrich bag.

    Envy, but in a good way--big congratulations on this fabulous wallet!
  15. Very very cool!!