Exciting news...!

  1. So I wanted to share with all you ladies...who can truly appreciate this news!

    DBF and I have been together for five years, and talked lots about getting engaged soon and married next year.

    His parents do computer work for a diamond distributor in the States, and they have always indicated we'd get a great deal on an e-ring when we "need" it.

    I have been really particular on what I want - since I'll wear this forever! I love the Tiffany Lucida setting, square cut, around the 1 carat mark. I want the proposal to be a surprise, but have been really picky on the ring itself!

    BF told me today that ... the order has been placed for my ring!!! I don't know when he'll propose, but am sooooo excited that the ring is on order! Had to share!

  2. how exciting!:choochoo:
  3. Aww congrats!!! that must be such a great feeling! Can't wait to hear about the proposal :love:
  4. Congratulations!! And well done on getting the ring of your dreams! That's the way it always should be.

    We'd love to see pics when you get it...please :smile:
  5. Very exciting!!! Yep, get the ring you want in the beginning, great idea.
  6. oh how FUN!!! congratulations!! what an exciting wait!
  7. i am thrilled for you! waiting for pics.
  8. Congrats! Keep us posted! We're all happy for you (and def want pics when you get the ring!). What fun!
  9. Yay congrats! :yahoo: that's so exciting!
  10. Congrats! Very exciting! Make sure to keep us updated!
  11. Ohhhh how exciting! Congrats on the ring and the impending proposal! :smile:
    WOO HOO!
  12. Brava!!! Congrats!!

    Try not to think about it (yeah right, huh?) so every time he bend over to pick something up you don't think he's getting down on one knee!!! :graucho:
  13. ooooo....you must be so nervous! Congrats!!!
  14. congratulations! that is so exciting, can't wait to see your ring and hear all about the proposal!
  15. How exciting!!! Keep us posted.