Excitement only you ladies would understand!

  1. My best friend and I are going to visit her sister at college this weekend which is right near an outlet. Now her sister and I are close so she's like my little sister. I haven't visited her at college ever, so I'm excited about that, but I must confess, I am more excited to be going to Coach! I have a list of everything I want to look for. I'm hoping they don't have everything so I don't go broke!
  2. Have fun.

  3. Yay! Have fun and tell us what you buy!:yahoo:
  4. Oh, you are so lucky. I can understand your excitement. The closest outlet to me is about 4 hours away. I can't wait until this summer when my stepsister comes to visit. We will take the ride down together in June. Have fun shopping.
  5. Dont worry I would feel the same way too:yes: Have FUN!!
  6. I SO very much understand. I live an hour from 2 Coach Boutiques and 45 minutes from an outlet and YET I STILL find out where the Coach store will be when on Vacation so I can scoup it out.
  7. Yay!! I totally scout out new Coach stores on vacation too. It's soo much fun!! :smile: enjoy your trip.
  8. What's on your "look for" list?
  9. I completely understand!! I'm thinking about going to visit an old friend in Kentucky this summer. The first thing most people would look for would be a place to stay.....not me. The first thing I checked was the Outlet Bound site to see if it was an outlet (and it's not so I guess I'll have to stop at the one outside Nashville on the way).
  10. This could be dangerous:graucho:

    Have fun!!!!!!!!
  11. I know exactly how you feel. Just the thought of a trip to the outlet gets me all happy. Hope you find what you are looking for.
  12. What are you looking for? Do you have any ideas or are you just going to see what's available?
  13. I find the outlets closest to any place I visit on vacation.
  14. wow that's so much fun. hope you enjoy the outlet oh and the visit hehehe.
  15. Have fun! When I travel I always know ahead of time if there are outlets nearby and get excited about it too.