Excitement!! Finally found a Bay Area store carrying Tutti!!

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  1. Went to SF today w/ the boyfriend and scoped out Macys, Bloomies, and Nordstrom for tutti...no such luck. Macys had TONS and TONS of pirata and bianco stuff tho...lots of bianco giocos...i know someone was lookin for that. BUT i struck gold @ MetroPark inside the SF shopping center! they had the NEW latte hoodie which doesnt really tickle my fancy...the shirt that tokiliciousjen got from her bf...and various other new tees including the pirate adios star one. anyways, metropark has lots of tutti canguros, BVs, and giocos...they had 2 zuccas. one of the zuccas had perfect placement of mozarella and latte in the middle! ARG. took everything in me not to just grab it and never let it go...but alas i settled for a gioco :] so cute!
  2. Oh! Nice. Our Metropark(in San Jose) just got their stock in no more than two days ago! I didn't buy anything though. They didn't have what I was looking for.
  3. Cute!! And perfect placement of the girls!!

    Man... Everyone finding Tutti's haven't mentioned MM's... I wonder if only LeSportsac is going to sell that style or something?
  4. wow that is super adorable. that is what i call PERFECT PLACEMENTS!
  5. me too, i would love to get a MM as well, anyone know if they are still making MM in Tutti??? :confused1:
  6. Momo - very cute Tutti, congrats :yahoo:
  7. Our LeSportsac stores are scheduled to get the Tutti MM. I was just hoping someone would find it on the mainland so I wouldn't have to pay the Hawaii jacked up retail...
  8. maya, djr0658, juicymario - thanks! i saw the placement of the girls and just had to have it :]

    i'm really hoping SOMEONE carries the MM in tutti...i really want one in that style! at least we know its being made, just wish it wasnt so darn hard to find!
  9. as much as i love hawaii...they suck at jacking up the prices! everything is already expensive. Can't we get a break!
  10. soo cute!!! I love the print placement you have!! congrats!!
  11. Wow I was there just last weekend and didn't see Tutti anywhere... I did see the latte hoodie which caught my attention immediately... and since I bugged my friend not to let me buy anything expensive that day, I was dragged out of Metropark :push:
  12. Love your Gioco placement...I love the tattoo on the girl's arm!!

  13. kokebon, SisterBlue - thanks! i knew i had to have it when i saw the placement!

    StrawberryLatte - awww that sucks! when i went, there was only 1 latte hoodie left and the front was dirty =/ but i didnt really like the color scheme so i put it down. i REALLY want the new mozarella and latte shirt though! arg!
  14. xaznxsimplicity- Was it the Metropark in Valley Fair?
  15. momo: congrats for ur giocco! its so pweety n cute...it makes me want to have a tutti giocco too...
    i can't wait to get back in school so i can use my avventura! ahaha ;P

    to those of you who has avventura, what do you use it for?