1. Robynbenz, Jmcadon, Stinkerbelle, Samantha, Cosmo, and all the other Choo ladies...I saw something today. I was at the Nordstrom Bellevue and the handbag SA Stacey motioned me over to her. She had look-book pictures of the Jimmy Choo Cruise 2008 items they ordered. There is a new Mahala in a color called Neon Blue Liquid Patent. I about had a litter of kittens right there. This bag has the blue suede, like the Electric Blue, but the contrasting color is a deep eyepopping blue patent leather. OMG...Choogasm alert! :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: Hubba Hubba Hubba...Aaaooooga! I wish that I had a picture for you.

    The other fantastic bag I saw was a Ramona in all-over watersnake. It looked natural colored...black, grey, taupe, eggshell scale pattern. I have no idea about prices.

    By this time, I was all dizzy and cannot remember much else :graucho: There was an animal print Marin that caught my eye. Whew! I think I broke all sorts of traffic laws to get home and post this thread.
  2. Now see? It's the details that I notice. And what I have noticed is that your Wish List has changed! Gone is the black biker Ring bag that I just came thisclose to ordering this afternoon rather than wait for a sale, and you have replaced it with the Neon Blue Liquid Patent Mahala that sounds TDF!! :drool: Is the color close to the wet look blue patent Riki that Miss Robyn graciously sent my way? It's a deep blue that I love! :heart:

    I'm SO glad I saw your post! It makes me realize that I need to just stay the course and wait for the new bags to come out rather than buy one now and possibly regret it in a few months when all the new styles come out! :yahoo:

    Did your SA say WHEN they would be carrying the new bags???
  3. Stinkerbelle - Yes - I did change the wishlist...the black Ring was two changes back. :angel: I really wanted the burgundy biker/snake Ring, but Casey at Choo Chicago told me today that is was completely sold out, everywhere. So I ordered the Radiant in the burgundy biker/snake, like jmcadon. I hope I like it. I feel a little guilty for not waiting until the sales, but when ya have to have the shoes (stuck in customs) and matching bag, sometimes you have to go for it.

    I am on the list at Nordies for the Neon Blue LP Mahala. Stacey said the ship date on the Cruise08 line is October 15th (Hey, that is today!). But, she thinks it will be closer to mid/end of November. I hope so, because funds need to build.

    And OMG - I forgot to tell you that a few bags are going to be in bright tweetybird YELLOW. I saw a pic of a belted clutch Rio and the Ring. So, if you are a yellow lover, you will be estatic.
  4. ^^jburg...there is an authentic burgundy ring on e-bay! Thanks for the heads up about the cruise 2008 line...I'll be waiting on pins and needles! I am being soooo good and not buying that purple maddy and I want it so much. I'm gonna be strong!:biguns:
  5. OMG - I just cancelled the Radiant and put the Ring on my Watch list. Thank you for the tip. And NO ONE bid against me, or else! :okay:
  6. Well Jburgh you had to go and tell me about this new Blue Mahala coming out this month:hysteric: and just when I thought I was safe for a month or so:oh:

    I was so good and ignored Casey's email this morning when she tried to entice me with the upcoming Cruise release :sneaky:and I have stayed off the forum all afternoon to stay on track with work and the first thread I see is yours :bagslap:

    I REALLY did not need to read this thread:sweatdrop:

    I think you need my Burgundy Ring...................:graucho:
  7. GOOD LUCK Jburgh on the burgundy ring bag on eBay! :woohoo: I like to think we are an all for one, one for all community, so I don't think you'll get any competition from anyone here....you've been wanting that bag forever! :tender:

    I have the same biker burgundy in a Riki and I looove the color and the watersnake trim. I know you'll love the Ring in burgundy as well! :yahoo:

    And yellow....I can't wait to see them! I love yellow! I'm so glad I didn't buy the black Ring bag today, I'd rather wait for a bag in an amazing new color! :tup:
  8. Robyn, when I read the color description Jburgh posted of the new Mahala I instantly thought of you! A perfect replacement for the Riki and in a bag you love! :tup:
  9. Very exciting news! I can't wait to see pictures; I might take a trip to my local Nordies just so I can peruse the lookbook for the upcoming season. Any idea if they will still carry the Malena in the future?
  10. Chuggie - There was not a Malena in the look book. However, this is compiled by the Seattle buyer. Your Nordstrom Choo buyer may order different bags. I think it is regional. Anyone???

    I do not have the Cruise 08 catalog yet.
  11. Ooooo sounds fab, can't wait to see it.
  12. Most exciting thing to hit this forum in awhile. Its probably gonna gost 2,000,000,000$$$$. lol
  13. when is the cruise collection out?