Excited...ordered my new bag!!!

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  1. Well I sent off my vouchers for the Pebble Mabel.....
    I just rang Bicester to confirm that I have sent them and asked if anything interesting had come in and....
    I've now changed my order to this...


    So hope I've done the right thing. I haven't seen it in real life but I soo love my lilac goat Bays.
    They've had a bumper order of Spazalatto leather green red etc.
    It was £416 and with my 30% discount just under £300.
    I hope I like it IRL.
    This will be my first shiny/patent bag.
  2. Wow congrats, I'm already excited to see your pics!! Love that colour... but I must resist.. but.. no but... :drool:
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    SM had a bright red patent Bays for £346....the SA said it was absolutely gorgeous but thought it might be a bit ott for me?

    Sooo much for a neutral colour!
  4. Hope you love it when it arrives!!! as you said- so much for a neutral!!!
  5. ...gorgeous shade for summer! I love the bays design, perfection :smile:
  6. heart ruling my head again!
  7. Did you say red patent bay for £346 :nuts:

    Mulberry what are you doing , don't you know there is a credit crunch going on , people are avoiding eating to fund bags ( slight exaggeration but at this rate needs must)
    Red is so my favorite colour , 346 is part of my phone number , I once passed Bicester and mentioned that I should come back one day and visit ......this is fate , this bag is mine , MINE I tell you !!!!!! :nuts:

    Anyone got a sense of deja vu ?
    Excuse me ladies I think I need to be alone
    *sits in corner rocking*
  8. :yahoo:

    Lavender is neutral in a way , it's soothing and not OTT unlike the bright red patent bag that I'm getting . Lavender is delicate and relaxing and goes with so many colours , a very practical colour , if I wasn't getting the red one I would consider it but at this rate I am not eating until Easter. :shrugs:

    Disclaimer - The purse forum does not condone or encourage the avoidance of eating to finance a purchase.
  9. did you go for the patent bays at shepton?
  10. No I just went a bit insane for a minute and had serious bag lust. I'm not planning on getting the red one really but at the time of posting I had fully intended to.( in my mind that is :smile: not in real life )
    I do really like the patent bays , especially the leopard print blue one on the website. Red is my colour and originally wanted a roxy in Red but decided it was too big - just loved the colour. I am being very good and saving up for something in oak.
  11. good for you! I wish I had your control!
  12. Wow, congrats Rachiem, it looks gorgeous. Can't wait until you get it to post some pictures.
  13. As someone famous once said , control is an illusion.
    Besides it's not so much control that I lack it's funding :smile:
  14. Rachie, boy it's hard to keep up with you! First it was the Roxy tote, then pebble Mabel and after all the advice you went for the beautiful lilac Spazzalatto Bays! You're almost as bad as Sarajane! lol

    I hope you love her when she arrives and please do some modeling pics for us!!!
  15. Congratulations Rachie, you do love your colour so perfect choice, look forward to see if you love her.