Excited! Nervous! Excited!!!!!

  1. I am soo excited!!! With NM having their double in circle points and the ever looming price hike I decided to get another handbag. I really wanted the Jumbo flap,white, with the old chain. Wanting and getting are two different things though!!!!! I was lucky it would appear to find a dark white jumbo caviar classic flap with new chain. I have never even tried on the new chain- hope I love it!!! I feel a little confused as to what color dark white is ( I have my fingers crossed for an ivory color- kind of winter white, not beige). I NEED a summer purse so I hope it works for summer. If any one of you lovely ladies has the white and the dark white and can offer up a comparison picture, I would be forever grateful.
    On a side note, my bag is in Europe, NM sent this lady 2 of them and she is returning one(mine!). As I said, I feel lucky to have gotten any kind of white in Jumbo caviar at all!!!!!!!
  2. You will love it! I have one, it is winter white and I am going to use mine year round. Enjoy!
  3. Congrats! I am getting both the jumbo white/old chain and the dark white/new chain. My first choice is the dark white :love: but the white is also a beauty. I live in CA so I could use it year round and they are different enough plus the egc deal is too good to pass up and the Nov 1st increase justify me to get both. It's a winter white per my SA and the chain really stand out. You'll love it for sure :yes:.
  4. congrats! I love the bijoux (new) chain and think the dark white is gorgeous. can't wait until you post pics!
  5. I just got one and yes it is a dark white, very nice year round color, ivory
  6. I love the dark white jumbo peppermintpatty! I think you're going to be really happy with your choice.

  7. NM Tampa bay has one of the one you're looking for - maybe give them a call instead of waiting for the on being returned.
  8. Shop Princess, do you mean they have the white jumbo caviar with old chain, or the one I am waiting on? I don't want to upset my SA by getting the same one. I can wait- I just hope it doesn't come already used kwim. I am actually getting excited now that you are all reassuring me it is ivory and not white. I think I might like ivory/cream even more in the long hau. Hope I like the new chain!!! Thanks everyone!!!!!
  9. it's the one with the bijoux chain. how long would you have to wait for the one that's being returned?
  10. She thought a couple of weeks.
  11. oooh you'll love it!
  12. congrats!
  13. Wow...can't wait to see pics! I'm sure it's gorgeous with the modern chain~