Excited! I finally ordered an Edith!

  1. It popped up on the NM website today! For those PF pals who're still desperately searching for one (I have been until today!), it's still on the website as I type! Hurry! Now I can't wait for her to come! :nuts:
  2. ^^What color?
  3. Whiskey Medium! Exactly what I want! ;)

  4. Congratulations! :biggrin:
  5. Congrats discobunniee! Can't wait to see pics! I just got a grrrrrrr-e-a-t whisky from NM too - it was a return but perfect! Hope yours is too!

    I saw a chocolate edith on NM at 6am PDT (yes, I'm PF and NM obsessed!) and it was gone by the time I hopped out of the shower. People wanting ones should know they DO pop up regularly - be ready!
  6. Congrats!
  7. Thanks gals! Goodness, I'm still shaking from all the commotions (punching in all the info!) :biggrin:

  9. It's so exciting! Please post pics as soon as it arrives.
  10. [​IMG]

  11. I know - I was reading your thread about that, earlier. I think the saying 'The left hand doesn't know what the right hand's doing.' sums it up pretty well!

    Either that, or the SA's a sadist! :suspiciou
  12. Because they think cocoa is a different color than chocolate and it isn't! What you need to do (and I can't stress this hard enough) is always keep a window open to NM online (and BG). Do a view all for Chloe bags and keep refreshing the screen all day long! You must stalk the websites - it's the only way to score a bag. There will be other returns, I guarantee it!
  13. I hope you'll love yours as much as I love mine!!!
  14. I thought of you the moment I saw it this AM and wanted to reach thru the computer and grab you!!! I posted in your thread but realized there was little chance you'd be looking at that moment...:sad: We need an Edith hotline so we can buzz someone when their item is up!

    But yes - they don't track things well - they ran out of pre-orders, but don't bother matching those to returns coming in. It's everywoman for herself according to NM :hrmm:

    Anyway - discobunnie I thought that was so funny that you were shaking after ordering. Quite the adrenaline rush, huh?!!:biggrin:
  15. congrats! i just checked the website, and it's gone now.