excited for my mono speedy 25

  1. I haven't posted in a long time until today because to be honest, I thought that I fell out of love with LV bags! For a while I got on such a kick with those big leather bags with lots of hardware. However, my senses came back and now I am in love again!!

    I have always wanted the Mono speedy 25 but felt bad to buy it b/c I already have a Mono speedy 30 and a Damier Speedy 25. However I realize that the 30 is too big for my everyday needs and I think the 25 looks better on me because I am 5'2. I don't wear my 30 that much and I don't love it yet because the patina hasn't really set in and I love mono speedies with dark patina.
    I realized that I have been obsessing about this for a long time and finally decided to order the mono 25 as well! I am expecting it today from elux and keep on waiting by the window to watch out for the fedex truck! I plan to keep it by the sunny window for a while and then will start using it more. I can't wait until it develops into a dark patina!
  2. Congrats on falling back in love with LV!
  3. Congrats! I don't think it's possible to have too many speedies!!!
  4. congraz!

    I am a big fan of speedies:heart::heart:
  5. I love receiving new things!!!!! I just hate the waiting part! Congrats!
  6. Congrats on figuring out what you love and will use. Be sure to post picts of you and your new 25 when the stingy fed ex man brings it along.
  7. Welcome home!
    Congrats on your Speedy! And don't forget to post pics when you finally get it...
  8. Congrats!! I did the same thing....left LV for awhile, but I'm so happy to be back!!
  9. Congrats! I :heart: speedy! :tup:
  10. congrats!!! post pics when you receive it!!!
  11. Congrats!
  12. Congrats!! Can't wait to see pics......
  13. Thanks! I got it! I left it at my mom's condo for now because she has these big corner windows that gets tons of sun so that it will tan a lot faster than in my place! I can't wait until the patina turns so I can start wearing it!!
  14. I'm glad your waiting is over!! Online shopping is a form of torture I think.

    I stalk the FedEx tracking page until I see those lovely words "DELIVERED" (I have ELux send my bags to work so they can be signed for).
  15. Dont we all...!!?? :graucho:

    jcriley wont the sunning dry the leather?.. i rem reading somewhere that it would.. and its not recommended.. When i got my first speedy i tried to clean it with some normal leather cleaner :tdown: and it turned my vachetta darker.. maybe u should try that?.. If u like the patina..