Excited but.....

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  1. Called LV today to see if they had theYayoi Kusama 2013 Agenda refill and the sa said he was not aware that they had them so he took my info and stated that he would order for me. Well 10 mins later he called back and told me that he had one left in the store and that he would hold for me till Wednesday. But couldn't wait so here it is and also my Agenda!!!! Excited cause it is super cute but bummed cause I can not use till December




  2. OMG, your agenda iiiisss gorgeouuuus!!! LVoe it!!! Congratulation on the refill, very cuuute!! Hahahaha, december seems so long huh LOL
  3. That Agenda Is Super Cute!
  4. Thanks soo much! Especially long since I was so gunho to get it!!
  5. Thanks I thought it would be cute to match my beloved Westie!! Although I really wanted a Agenda in Rose Pop!!
  6. Oh I LoVe it!!!
    Congratulations and what a great idea. Ooooh I think maybe I might try to get one of these. :graucho:
  7. congrats!
  8. Congrats and Enjoy!
  9. I bought this also, SA didn't even believe me that it exists lol! I'm putting it in my Christmas stocking from Santa!
  10. Love it! I'd use it everyday just to look at it! hehe
  11. Congrats for such cute items :smile:
  12. omg!loving ur agenda!from which collection is this?i want it!haha
  13. When I was in Vegas last week I stopped into the Bellagio LV boutique to ask a SA if they had the 2013 Kusama refills in stock. He told me that they are all Kusama, so I purchased a refill for my PM agenda. When I arrived home I found that mine was not the Kusama. :crybaby: I looked online and found that they offer both - regular for $50 and Kusama for $70.

    I love your agenda and your Kusama pages! Congratulations.
  14. Adorable!!! December is coming fast... ;)
  15. cute! congrats!