Excited but nervous

  1. I did it!!! I finally made a decision and ordered the blue denim baggy pm!! My DH couldn't stand listening to me anymore and told me to just order it. I have never ordered from eluxury before and I am nervous! It says for anything over $500 a signature is required - not sure why this is making me anxious but I just want that bag in my hands now. How long does eluxury usually take? I am beyond psyched!!!!:yahoo:
  2. Congrats! I'm guessing you'll have it by Wednesday:yahoo: based on my experience with them.
  3. Ok thanks. Not sure how I am supposed to wait until Wednesday!!!! I am so indecisive but now that I have ordered it I want it NOWWWW!!!!
  4. You can track your package on their website. Go to 'my account', then 'order status and history'. Click on your order #. This will be updated with FedEx tracking info once your order is shipped. You will be able to track your package so you know exactly when your new baby will arrive! Congratulations!
  5. Did you get the bonus UPGRADE Shipping? it applies to everyone up until tonite @ 11:59, meaning it would get to you FASTER lol
  6. Elux always takes 1 business day to process the order and then the next business day they ship it out--- I don't remember Saturday situations though.....

    I'm guessing Tuesday or Wednesday depending on what kind of shipping you used?

    I TIME my orders with Elux---usually place the order on a Sunday night and by Wednesday my order is here! :yes:

    CONGRATS ON THE BAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Congrats .. great choice:heart:
  8. Yay! I do hope ya can get a multicolore piece soon too tho! lol
    I love my baggy. You made a good choice.
  9. congrats!! hope you get it sooner :smile:
  10. Congrats!!please post pictures when you get you baby.
  11. Congrats! I remember that you have been hankering after this bag for a long time. Happy (early) Mother's Day.
  12. I just ordered my first LV, mono speedy 35, from eluxury on Wednesday. I got my shipping confirmation last night and it will be here this morning by noon!!!! They have upgraded to overnight shipping for everyone for Mother's Day, so if you ordered today, you should have it by Sat., if you are home to sign for it!
  13. Congrt's, its a great bag :biggrin:
  14. great choice, congrats!!
  15. I didn't read anything on the website about a bonus upgrade shipping. I do know I picked standard shipping which will cost me $12.99 or something like that. Ok now I am even more excited!