Excited About My First Chloe

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  1. Wasn't intending to buy a bag since I am (or was) on a bag ban, but walking thru Nordstroms today I was faced with a deal I just couldn't turn away from. I don't know what style the bag is. I only find a style number on the ticket, but the color is Pink-Berry and it's basically a satchel type bag with nice long handles and a small gold plate running across the front of the bag with Chloe imprinted on it. The leather is very thick and I am wondering how Chloe leather wears. I am a Marc Jacob, Chanel, YSL and Balenciaga bag woman, now adding Chloe to the mix. How does the leather hold up. I am used to Balenciaga leather which is very soft and pliable and this leather seems a little thicker and harder. Does the leather soften up upon use and does it scratch easily. Any replies would be most welcome. Thanks.
  2. Congratulations and welcome to Chloe!! Post pics of your new bag --we love pictures!!:yahoo:
  3. I will as soon as I figure out how. :smile:
  4. I would love to see pics too...congrats on a great find!
  5. pics pics pics!!!!!
  6. I found the exact bag I bought on an e bay listing. The listing is obviously in Chloe bag section... and the e bay no. is Item number: 160347788257. Is there a name to this bag. Thanks. Sorry I can't post photo yet.
  7. Her name is Shelby, as far as I know...Pink Berry is such a nice colour...congratulations...please try to make us some pics...:nuts:
  8. Congrats on your first Chloe :yahoo:

    That bag in the auction is definitely some type of Shelby model, I don't know it's official name though sorry.

    Chloe leather tends to get softer and more flexible with use, although I don't think it will feel as delicate as Bal leather does, I don't have any Chloes as soft as my Bals. Chloe leather is really hardy though and doesn't show scratches very easily. Congrats on a great purchase and a stunning colour! :smile:
  9. congrats! beautiful colour and chloe leather is really good...
  10. Thanks for putting up the ebay post showing the bag I purchased. Is Shelby a popular style in the Chloe line. I am wondering how I could have scored such a great deal in Nordstroms - something like 65% off. You know how it is....when you get a good deal you start to question why!!! (At least that's how I am.) :smile:
  11. Why?? Because you deserve it, of course!!:yahoo: You've been very good, remember?

    Congratulations for your first Chloe.:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: Hope many more to come.:graucho: Please figure out the way to post the photos coz I loooove to see some modeling pics!!:heart:
  12. it is a very lovely and ladylike bag, top quality, and you obviously love it!! :nuts: feel a Chloe moment coming for you! .........
  13. I know I got a good deal. I was thrilled to find it. Though I placed myself on a bag ban also, it's impossible for bag lovers to walk past a great deal and turn your back. Well, at least it is for me. My ban started three bags ago. I just can't stop myself. There is always something that causes temptation which inenvitably leads me to make another purchase, and another and another. Going to need three jobs to support this habit.