Exchanging the Trouville ordeal

  1. So I went back this morning with my husband to exchange the MC white Trouville that had smudges on the handle...This was the Garden State Plaza LV shop. We waited patiently for a few minutes and an SA came out of the back. Hubby said it was the same SA who sold him the bag. I very nicely explained that hubby had NOT looked it over when he bought it...and showed her the smudges and bluish pen mark on it. (It was a very small mark BUT still)
    At that moment her face changed--I'm sorry to say but I am Korean and the SA was an older Korean woman by the name of Jeanette Cho. She immediately became snippy and rude and said she never sold my husband this bag...and if she did she would've made sure it was clean. Then she said that the handles darken with time and that I should basically deal with it (in Korean). I told her if I had purchased it surely I would've checked it--but as I received it as a gift and the oily looking mark (again small) DID not look like a water mark or something that could be cleaned. THEN she accused me having USED it and trying to bring back a used bag. I was very offended! I only received it Wednesday evening and didn't have time to return it on Thurs or Friday (it KILLED me to wait till today). She then took the bag in the back and came back a few minutes later saying her manager can tell it's been used blah blah. Then she tried to oust me out telling me to call 866 VUITTON if I've got a problem and maybe they can exchange it as the bag I bought was not sellable because it was used. It toook sooooo much out of me not to flip out. I am a 22 year old working woman but I look really young and I felt she was trying to intimidate me. I then calmly asked if I could speak to the manager myself. The person who came out was a the senior sales specialist--Cheryl Allgood if I am correct. And let me tell you she was professional and courteous! She probably did not want to do an exchange (cause the supposed NEW bag had the marks--I totally understand) but she apologized that my husband was sold a damaged item. She said she would exchange it right away but asked me to carefully inspect the new one and sign on the back of my receipt that it was in perfect condition. The original SA made the exchange and rewrapped it but had a sourpuss on her whole face the last time. I almost told her off--don't try to pass off a display or whatever the heck that was as new and BLAME the customer. That is so wrong. HOWEVER, the woman looked to be older than my mom and I thought to myself--I wouldn't want anyone to speak to my mom like that so I kept my mouth shut even though I was pissed. She didn't say goodbye or thank you as we left--but Cheryl did and she did it with a smile. I used to work in retail so I know, even if you are pissed as an SA you should always be polite to your customer. I know an exchange/return pisses some people off--but I really respected the fact that Cheryl put her best face forward and acted so professionally unlike the other SA. I'm going to write Cheryl a nice thank you letter and also call Louis Vuitton or write a letter praising her. So luckily I did get the exchange but could've had a better experience. From now on, I will be buying my stuff from Cheryl.
  2. I am glad that you got a new bag but I will definitely write up a formal complaint to the LV store.
  3. A lesson to learn for everyone:

    If you don't have time to go to the store right away, always call in first to let them know what the problem is so they have a record.
  4. Wow, what an ordeal! Good to know things worked out alright in the end. Finding a good SA is SOOO important, that's why I love my Annie in LV Soho. If you're ever in Manhattan I would definitely recommend you see her!
  5. omg, that's a story...
    glad everything's work out fine, i hate when i heard things like this, where the exclusive boutiques treating customers like crap and judge us by our appearance.
  6. I did call the store yesterday to speak to someone and the SA who picked up sounded shocked when I told her about the marks~she said to please bring it in right away or any other LV store with receipt as it wouldn't be a problem. I think my hubby just had bad luck with an SA who cared more about commission than helping the customer...He said she just took the bag out and asked do you want it and immediately rang it up without looking at it...By the time he left the store she was rushing off to make another sale--no greeting goodbye or anything. :sad:
  7. Sorry to hear about the ordeal you had to go through (I had almost the same experience exchanging my MC mini HL Sac); but glad to hear you were able to make the exchange for a new bag. I would not only write a note of praise for the senior sales specialist but I would also write a letter of complaint about the rude, disrespectful sales associate.
  8. Write a letter ASAP. That attitude should never be tolerated!!!
  9. Glad to hear you got your bag switched, I would be writing a letter to whom ever I needed and let them know the name on the bill that sold you the bag as well as the one that gave you a hard time. I'd be sure to comment on the sa that exchanged the bag for you and how happy you were/are with her service.
  10. Ditto.:yes: Unbelieveable customer service:rant: glad to hear you've exchanged it though ,I'm sure you'll enjoy it:flowers:
  11. Wow, I was so angry at that SA just reading the beginning of your post. Her pride was so great that she couldn't accept the fact that she was wrong. I can't stand people like that. Glad the manager finally did something.
  12. Agreed!:flowers:
  13. I'm glad it worked out for you.
  14. That's awful. You spend so much money and then they make you feel as if you did something wrong. Glad it worked out.
  15. That is absolutely ridiculous!!!!! You're in an exclusive boutique spending a thousand+ dollars and to be treated like that, who do they think they are, what happened to customer service????? I've never had a very nice experience in GSP store, although it's a large LV shop, most of the sales people I've run into there are not as nice as I think they should be for me to buy from them, I'll just go to Riverside square or Short Hills......they don't deserve credit for the sale (as from what I've been told, it's not commission, but I guess you have sales goals and stuff) if they don't treat the customer right! I worked in retail for many years before finishing college and getting into my college job...I would never treat a customer like that...