Exchanging on eLuxury

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  1. I was just wondering, how long does it take to exchange something on eLuxury? If I take the option of sending A back to them, and then having them send B out to me when the receive A, how long would that take? I know Bergdorf Goodman Online takes about 3 weeks to process returns/exchanges:smash:.
  2. I have exchanged and they are pretty quick. Within 3 weeks you should have your new bag too.
  3. Mine took within 2 weeks.
  4. Eluxury usually sends me the exchange item before they even receive the return item. They bill me for the new item and when they receive the return item they just go ahead and credit me. Plus no shipping charge on the new exchange item. As a eLuxury VIP, they give me free returns anyway. Love the perks.
  5. How to get free return?:shame:
  6. i second what kkristi said...
  7. I'm a Gold Level VIP Member. what are the perks of that?
  8. Oh yeah, I agree too. I always get my new item sent to me before I send my old item back. I am too impatient to wait even 1 week!
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