Exchanging my MC Wapity?

  1. Do you think i can exchange my mc wapity? i would still be in time, but the problem is that i use the wapity now a few times. and the bigger problem is that they are not many but however small scratches on the zipper :sad:
    i love the wapity but now i saw the mc mm pouchette and like it even more. till now i brought nothing to lv to exchange it, so i dont know the principles.

    even if i strongly dont believe they will take it back i wanted to know your opinions :yes:
  2. If you have used it then no I don't think you should exchange it.
  3. As far as I know, LV doesn't take returns within the returns/exchanges time frame unless they are resellable.
  4. I think that if you've used it enough times to create small scratches on it, you should not return it!
    Besides the wapity is a great piece as you know and I'm sure that you'll get a lot of use out of it.
  5. ok thank you
  6. LV inspects anything being exchanged or returned REALLY carefully to make sure it hasn't been used. They won't take it back if they suspect its been used before.
  7. ya...I agree, it's not very pleasant for the future wapity buyer to find out that her wappy's been used....
  8. Yes, I think you should keep it because:

    1. Big chance they will not take it back, safe you from all the troubles. LV staff inspect the item very very closely. I am sure they will not miss that scratches.

    2. Like Cec said, someone else will get heart broken receiving not so perfect brand new wapity.

    3. It's such cute piece, you will regret it..just save more for that new item..
  9. i didnt remember that another would get my used wapity. naturally this should not happen. thank you for the help :heart:
  10. yes you are so right, i would regret it. i have just to save a little bit more :yes: