Exchanging my Artsy MM! What bag do I get??

  1. You guys are the experts! Any suggestions for what I should get?? I would prefer a large bag that has room like my Artsy but fear cracking or other issues!

  2. Melie:smile: is big, got zips, looks good I really like it from the reveals I've seen. Seems rarer as in don't see many of them around. Although don't know if Melie has any potential problems. Good luck I bet is very exciting times researching for new bag.
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  3. Artsy is Empreinte!!! Same bag without those issues!
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  4. I love the Empreinte but it’s almost double what we originally paid for this bag and I don’t know if I want to spend that =(
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  5. I second the melie. Great organization with the 3 inside pockets and 2 on the oustide. Also very roomy. Love mine
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  6. Another Melie vote. Like it better than the artsy.
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  7. What about the Berri? It has a zip across the top, and since it costs less than the Artsy, you could use the remaining credit to get a SLG perhaps?

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  8. What do you have in your collection? Maybe you would prefer an "entry" bag (Speedy or Neverfull) and a nice wallet? Or maybe something personalized from the World Tour or Mon Monogram lines.
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  9. My collection is very minimal! I have a DA Artsy, a Mono NF GM with pivoine lining, a Vernis zippy, and a DE mini Pochette. Not very exciting :lol:
  10. Hmmm so I know a lot of references to the Melie. Well it really is not that big so if you are looking for some thing comparable to the Artsy in size the Melie is not it too narrow and deep - the measurements on the site are misleading I think. And yes there are potential problems with the Melie corners exchanged twice - well exchanged once then went for the credit the second time around. I say you need to spend some time in the boutique looking at several bags and go with the one that makes your heart sing. I am really glad to hear LV took care of you!
  11. They were really kind. Part of me is contemplating a Speedy B 35...but I kind of want to replace my Artsy with another large hobo-ish style? I did like the way the Melie laid on me but they only had two, one was Made In Usa and one MIF arhat had clearly been returned
  12. If you go for the Melie, go for the empreinte version. The monogram version has a known issue with pinholes on the corners. It might not happen with yours, but it's a documented problem and I don't think you want to deal with exchanging a defective bag again.
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  13. Ugh I was really worried about this! I adore the Empreinte version but we can’t afford to add $1,000 almost to what I’ll get in excange for my Artsy ($1778ish with tax included)
  14. Oh no! What did you pay for it if you don’t mind me asking? I just assumed your credit was for $1960 which is the current price.
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  15. How about a mon mono mm neverfull or world tour one. or even a speedy b in either
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