Exchanging Groom Zippy......For...??

  1. Hey all...

    Tomorrow I'm going to exch. my Groom Zippy Org. It was just way, way too big!!!!! I'm thinking of getting the Groom Poch. wallet instead.

    I currently use the mono Ludlow,...which is SMALL! But it has worked for me. I do have to put my 3 med. ins. cards in my sm. agenda though....

    I've always wanted to get a bigger wallet, but just never got around to it. I had been leaning towards the PTI.

    But now w/ the Groom line out I figured I'd get a "limited" wallet....COOL! I don't want to kick myself later....(a yr. from now) and say..."Why didn't I get the Groom wallet????" I didn't realize it before but it seems the poch. wallet would work. SOooo, since there is really no upcoming things I really want anyway...and I am banned after this purchase....(?????) UGH! LOL!!

    I decided to ck. out the same wallet in mono, and damier online. I do like the damier. (I don't have any damier access.) I'm like well, you already have 2 groom pieces. Hmm.. But then the Groom one is so nice inside...the red! (..not to mention...the "limited/collectible issue" which really, really, REALLY gets to me! LOL!!!!!!! Also it would look really nice w/ my red epi speedy, and cerise...and for my other damier/mono bags it would add a splash of color.

    Soooooooo, Which would you choose the Groom red poch. wallet OR the Damier poch. wallet???

    We'll see what happens tomorrow...LOL (u never know...) :shame:

    TIA!!!!!!!!!!!! :flowers:
  2. I'm a sucker for red, so I say get that one! :P
  3. I say get the Groom. You can always get the other one later.
  4. Groom!!!
  5. Go for the groom.
  6. I ordered the groom pouchette wallet...it is Limited and I love the red and white stripes...you can Daimer any time....
  7. Groom! For sure! I'm also a sucker for the red lining! :yahoo:
  8. Thx all!! That's what I was thinking...The damier is always going to be there, the Groom is LIMITED!!!!!!!!:nuts:

    We'll see how it goes when I see it IRL. (::keeping fingers crossed::smile: That everything goes well.

    But ya....Would be nice to pull out a limited wallet out of my bags...:yes:
  9. Go for the Groom poch. the damier and mono poch. will be around for the next 100 years if you decide you want it!
  10. <<------yep, I do love RED...so I guess it should be a no-brainer! LOL!!!!:upsidedown: But, I just like to weigh all my options.:yes:

    Ya, gotta love the red interior!

    I hope I don't get funny though, with the lil "Groom's" head being a bit high up on the curve at the top. :confused1: I shouldn't let that bug me, should I?? Am I being silly about this??? Dh's like,"Ya, but if LV fixes that or adjusts that yours would be worth more "because" of that fact." Hmm..:s LOL!

    If that were to happen, I can hear it now (::imagining::smile: : "Oooooo, Awwww....You got one w/ the head placed high..." "Those were one of the first ones produced.." :roflmfao:

    I've seen pics where some look high and some low. I called LV and they looked at a few of them that they had on hand. The SA said she couldn't really say one way or the other, that they all looked about the same. Hmm... Anyway, she's holding 1 for me. Guess I'll know more when I see it.

    If the one on hold for me looks like the one below, I'm IN! LOL!


    WOW, I just decided to get that pic on elux. and they're available NOW! So if you want it...GO get it!
  11. hey~~i just got mine!! LOVEEEE IT!!!!
    The bellboy's head isn't that high on the curve, but definitly is a bit higher than the pic on LV website....
  12. Hey, I've seen pics of your Poch. wallet and I think it looks pretty good!! I likey!!!!!:yes:
  13. *UPDATE*


    I went to exchange my Groom Zippy and.......I ck'd out the Red Poch. Wallet they had on hold for me. I got a big <scared> cuz "to me" it was kinda big...guess I'm used to my sm. Ludlow. Other than that I like the red interior, the look, etc. Just the size that freaked me out a bit.

    Also on the back there seemed to be a tiny lil pen mark. Hmm...

    I ended up leaving LV with nothing (cuz I was too confused..) and just returned the zippy.

    On the way home I started having second thoughts..(this always happens..) :rolleyes: UGH! Thinking: "I should've asked to see another one..." "I should've just gotten it.." Hmm?? But, I couldn't cuz I just "lost it" for a sec.

    What's funny is...I do like that wallet!:yes: I've always wanted to get a bigger wallet, but hadn't gotten around to it. I've never used a normal standard wallet like that before...so maybe that's it. I think I just need to get used to the size. Now, the zippy was way, way, way, WAY huge! (For me). I did look at the Blue Compact Groom wallet...I wasn't too crazy about it. I liked the blue online...but I just didn't care for it and plus it's basically what I have now, just a tad bigger.

    Soooo, let's see the Zippy (TOO BIG), Compact wallet...(Too small)....Sooooo then the Poch. wallet should be "just right"...right? LOL!!

    Btw, I have my ckbk seperate and I've always wanted a wallet that I can throw that into. The poch. wallet does "just that". All my cc, etc. and ckbk pad would fit inside.

    Sooooo, I got home and decided to just go ahead and order it from Elux. LOL!!!!!!!! I know...I'm a bit :upsidedown: (Coo Coo...for Coco puffs!):lol:

    So now the waiting begins...........(to be continued........) :shame:
  14. Make sure you get a made in france one
  15. That would be a bonus!:yes: My cles says Spain, and my ronde says France. (Both bought at LV). So we'll see what happens w/ the poch. wallet (which I ordered from Elux.) I ordered from Elux. cuz I just didn't feel like going back to the store "again.." :Push:

    Whatever happens I'll finally have the wallet in my grasp. LOL!:graucho: