Exchanging cles....opinions please!

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  1. I just got my DE Cles last week and now I'm thinking I would prefer it in mono. I currently have a Speedy mono 35, Delightful MM , Sarah wallet in pomme, mono toiletry pouch, and will be getting the Speedy DE 35 this Christmas then something in Azur next spring.
    I only want/need one cles! ( for real! Lol)
    I really like the option of clipping it on the side of my Delightful but with the DE print it looks silly... So I was thinking if I get the mono I will have more options.
    Opinions???? :smile:
  2. Dang girl. I got the mono cles & wished I got it in DE instead. I hate it.
  3. Oh nooooo!! Really? Why??
  4. Monogram is probably more versatile, but I think DE with a Monogram bag happens to look great.
  5. image-2805003411.jpg

    Honest opinions...yay or nay??
  6. It looks so blah to me. The hardware was dull. I should have waited to get the DE one. Planned on returning it but I left the receipt envelope on the counter and my Merrymaids ladies tossed it in the trash when they came to clean.
  7. They will have your purchase history on record at the boutique. You should be fine to exchange it. Did you get it recently?
  8. I think it was about 2 months back. I think with LV you have to do the return in 14 days. I purchased it online. I'll gift it to my sis as she's a mono girl.
  9. I like the contrast ... I would keep it:smile:
  10. I like the combo together. I just recently purchased the speedy 30 in mono and the cles in the Damier Ebene and I love it!! I say keep the DE!!
  11. Love the combo.
  12. doesn't work...
  13. I agree. It doesn't work for me.

  14. Keep it. I think both are great and I wish I have the courage to own one in every print. :smile:

    By the way, the picture of you and your dog is awesome! What breed is he? :smile:
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    I love my mono cles ❤

    Honest opinions...yay or nay??[/QUOTE]

    Nay ;(
    Sorry ! Mono cles is more versatile on
    any bags IMO if you plan to clip it on
    your bag outside . I do the same thing
    on my monobags :biggrin: My bad !!! double
    posts :P Didn't see this pic at first