Exchanging Chanel from overseas in the USA

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  1. #1 Apr 8, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2016
    Hi all! I read through the threads about Chanel's return policy. It says the thread is over a year old, so bumping it up is probably unnecessary. Thought I'd share my experience and perhaps others can share theirs too!

    I purchased a few items while in Paris, but I realized the blue lambskin rectangle mini just didn't work for my wardrobe. Today was the 14th day and I asked my local SA if I could exchange it or receive store credit. He said they would need the receipt and they can only honor the price I paid at the exchange rate of the day of purchase. They won't be able to return any taxes from there and I would have to pay state tax for the full amount of the item I exchange for.

    The rectangle mini was 2490 euros. The manager used oanda.com to calculate the exchange rate for my day of purchase (and printed out a copy for me). They based what I would receive back on 2075 euros (what I paid minus taxes). Not quite sure how that number was calculated because VAT is 20% but VAT refund was 13%. Perhaps they averaged out 20 and 13 to get around 16.5%? I don't really know. The manager looked pretty mean and didn't smile once as I observed, so I didn't want to ask. SA was really nice though, but the manager needed to do the approval and calculations.

    I'm still getting back about 323 euros from the vat refund, which is roughly a tad over $350 today. If my calculations are correct, I didn't lose any money on the mini during the exchange.

    I exchanged it for an old medium boy and I guess it was worth it to get something I really loved + learned my lesson on making sure a bag was practical for me.
  2. I'm sorry it didn't work out for you

    But your case is the first one I read in all countries that the local store actually refunded you for a none defective item

    Most of the time Chanel boutiques only do equal exchange for the same style or even the same color.

    Another TPFer from Singapore can't even exchange for the same style but different color for a damaged item

    This really varies by what store manager is willing to do!

    I hope you now got what you truly love

  3. I'm truly grateful they allowed the exchange! Yes, the boy bag I exchanged it for is definitely a keeper!! It's the iridescent pink. I believe it was your thread that made me fall in love.

    PS. Thanks to a few members of the forum for helping me find it!

    Side note* I thought I lost money by doing the exchange, but now that I recalculated, I didn't lose at all (so I edited my original post).
  4. I had something similar happen to me about 5 years ago and was only able to do an even exchange. I was pretty unhappy because my bag was defective and I lost any savings of buying it in Europe vs the US. I was told Chanel US and Chanel Europe are two different companies and they were not obligated to return or exchange anything for me-so I took what I could.....

  5. That's pretty unfair since the bag was defective! So sorry you had a horrible experience.

    Perhaps that is why the SA in Paris asked me to check every item before purchase.. To prevent going home with a defective item. I never looked at my items closely upon purchase but will definitely do so from now on!

    I read on the back on my Montaigne receipt that exchanges were possible in a different country subject to the rules and regulations of said country.

    In this case, it was my mistake for not being 100% sure with my purchase. I texted an SA (recommended by another member) beforehand to ask if it was possible and he told me to come in. I'm very thankful they allowed me to exchange the mini with no issues!
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