Exchanging Black Leather Carly for Brown leather carly?

  1. I purchased the large black leather carly today with discout. Its a gorgeous bag but honestly, I wasn't ready to purchase but since today was the last day for discount I purchased anyways figuring I could return if I changed my mind. Im more of a brown person and I would love it in the brown leather so I had asked the SA if there was a brown one in leather or if I could special order it or if one was ever going to come out. He told me no special ordering and that it might come out next year but now I hear on the PF that it's coming out as soon as august. So I guess my question is... if I want to exchange the black leather one for the brown leather one would it be an even exchange or would I need to pay the difference?

    I'm so crazy about the brown leather I feel anxious that its coming out and nervous to see if they will be avaliable or completely sold out of the stores near me. Argh! I probably wont be able to sleep tonight with all this anticipation! :sweatdrop:
  2. You can exchange a bag which you purchased at the PCE for another one of same value in a month or two. That is what I am doing. I purchased a bag that cost the same price as a Chocolate leather Carly and am exchanging it when the chocolate leather Carly becomes available which I believe will be on August 7th. Don't hold me to this as this is what I heard here on the forum. Keep calling 1-800 Coach to see when the chocolate brown Carly can be ordered. Hold out for the chocolate Carly as it will be TDF!