Exchanging at Hermes

  1. Does anybody know how strict they are about having an original receipt?? My mom received a scarf for her birthday, but she doesn't like it. She's thinking about exchanging for 3 pocket squares instead. Are boutiques really anal about having a receipt for an exchange? Any help would be appreciated!!!
  2. Is it not possible to request the giver to pass over the original receipt?

    Yes, the stores are typically insistent on seeing the original. There are fake scarves out there, afterall.

    Scarves fall under RTW, right? I am not sure about the exchange policies all over the world, but I think RTW items cannot be exchanged.
  3. Just to share, I recently exchanged a couple of pocket squares DH bought at the airport. First store I went to did not ask to see the receipt at all, they just checked to make sure the pocket squares were unused. I went to another store since the first one did not have the ones I wanted and this store checked and marked on my receipt that I made an exchange.
  4. I'd have thought the scarf exchange policy would be the same as the H tie exchange policy, which is that you can exchange it at almost any H store world-wide. For tie exchanges they don't generally ask for a receipt.

    That's like for like though. I'm not sure how they'd feel about exchanging a scarf for pocket squares.
  5. I think for items like scarf, twilly, ties etc. the exchange policy would be as what wongnumber described. My hubby just came back from a trip & he got me a twilly this time. He told me the SA at the airport store said that if I don't like the color or design, I can bring it to any H store to exchange for another twilly.

    Another possibility is to get something else (priced higher) and pay the difference.
  6. This is the Merchandise Exchange Policy printed behind the SG Hermes stores receipts :

    1. Items sold are non-refundable.
    2. Merchandise will be exchanged only once for each item sold.
    3. We regret that items that are altered, damaged or used cannot be exchanged. (We reserve the right to objectively determine whether the goods have been damaged or used.)
    4. Only RTW items for the current season can be exchanged.
    5. There will be no exchange for any items that are sold during sales period, as well as for special orders.

    N.B. For watch or perfume only, please provide sales receipt for exchange.

  7. The exect same thing happend with my friend. We went to her local H store (Vancouver CA) and asked the SA what options we have if we didn't have a receipt. She told us that we can exchange it for another scarf but we can't exchange it for anything else.

    Once I bought a mug for a friend's b-day and I asked for a gift receipt but the SA told me that she can get a exchange with out a gift receipt.
  8. i'm not sure where you and your mother live but i've never had a problem exchanging gifts without receipts at the nyc boutique...
  9. It's possible to exchange scarves and "novelty" jewelry (ie: enamel bracelets, horn bracelets...) without reciepts. Depending on how good your relationship to your store is, you may get away with exchanging other items without reciepts as well.
  10. I exchanged a pochette I bought in the LV store for a different one at the SF store without a problem.....I had the receipt but it was past the allotted time for an exchange but they did it anyway! :yes:

    ....sometimes I think it also has to do with your relationship with the store....no?
  11. Wow...!Those terms/policy sound like buying Hermes items is such a big commitment!:wtf:
  12. I think they are very strict because of all the "fake" goods out there, and people trying to exchange sale items for full price items. I allways ask for a gift recipt if I buy someone a gift. Years ago, when the N.Y. boutique was on 57st, there was less fraud, and the return/exchange policy was alot more relaxed... (you could get your money back, and I think the time was 20 days instead of 10 now), I was even able to return (for money back) 2 ties I bought my husband that he did not like.
  13. As serious as having kids!:nuts: :yes: :shrugs: no returns!:lol:
  14. I think it's partially dependent on your relationship with your SA - I was able to exchange an item and receive money back on the difference (instead of store credit).
  15. LoL :rolleyes: