exchanging aqua for ?????

  1. I think I'm sending back my aqua PT w/ GH - it's just too much for me. Here are possible exchanges:


    Mini bowler
    rouge vif

    Or are the PT going to come in aqua w/ RH????

    thanks for the help.
  2. I am sorry you don't like it, I am with you, I don't like the giant I think it's too much, I am waiting for my city aqua in regular h. from balenciaga paris,I will post pics!! but about the bowling? i love this bag!
  3. ohhhhhh from balenciaga paris? Do you happen to have an e-mail address? I wrote to them ages ago, to an addy like info at balenciaga.fr if I remember correctly and never got an answer. I'm in Europe so that would be fantastic :smile:

    To the OP - I completely understand, I couldn't do the GH either, but I'd love it in the regular HW! The color's just so gorgeous! From the ones you mentioned I'd probably go with natural or a bold, darker color like blueberry.
  4. What was too much for you, the color, the GH, or both together?

    If you love the PT with the messenger option, I say truffle. It's a nice warm neutral color, but dark enough that you don't have to worry about getting it dirty.

    If you want a different style, I think the mini-bowling would be great. I'm really wanting to try that style myself.
  5. the GH. I like the color a lot.
  6. I think the aqua is sooo pretty.. maybe call around and see if you can find one with RH? :smile:
  7. I am sorry you don't like the GH. :sad: I think the Cafe, Marine and Natural color really works well with the GH.:yes: May be you can exchange it for the Natural with RH. The Natural is very pretty and versatile all year around. Good luck and let us know what you decide.:love:
  8. I agree. The GH really adds some bling to the neutral bags. Bright colors don't need any bling to get your attention. If you love the Aqua, stick with that color but with classic hardware in any style.....you can't go wrong. That color is gorgeous!
  9. Natural or sandstone? Both are gorgeous and both can be worn year round. The leather on both of these colors is really nice too. Or get aqua in a Twiggy? I think it looks fabulous on the Twiggy.
  10. I love the color and would try to get something else in that color.
  11. Like the others, I suggest waiting for Aqua with RH. =) Good luck.. it's a beautiful color and so versatile!
  12. I think the sandstone or natural in RH will be beautiful!
  13. I am not a GH fan either. I wanted a Aqua Hobo but they only make it with GH so I will have to wait and see if they make that style with RH. :sad: I wouuld say get something else in Aqua with RH. That color is AWESOME!
  14. Oh, dear. I'm a bit worried now. I was so impressed by messenger's lovely bag that I settled for a Giant City in aqua, which I've ordered from luisaviaroma and which I hope will arrive in about a week, since I just couldn't track down a regular City in aqua over here in Europe. I e-mailed and phone retailers on a regular basis for about 2 weeks and had no success. So I'm really hoping that it's not going to be a disappointment. Fingers crossed for me and when it arrives I'll post photos to see what you all think.
  15. I would go for aqua regular hardware. :yes: