Exchanging an item, is that ok?

  1. Hello everyone, my husband has been so nice and got an SA to work with in the hopes of scoring a B for me :smile: we have no problem buying other items in the mean time however the SA seems to be pushing for home items. My husband bought me some goodies and an ashtray. The ashtray is gorgeous however no one smokes in our home and we have two children under two. I'm afraid they might break it!

    My question is, do you think it would be ok if I bring it back to the boutique and exchange it for something else I would use more, like a bracelet or scarf? My husband says no because the SA might get offended.
  2. I really can't understand feeling that kind of pressure from a salesperson. It's your money, your taste, your needs. March that thing right back, and please be comfortable building your own collection as you see fit.
  3. How sweet of your husband to buy you some H. goodies :biggrin:!
    And please, don't worry about offending a SA. It's your money and you shouldn't keep an item just for being afraid to offend a SA. If she really would be offended because of this, it's time to look for another SA ;). If you want to exchange the ashtray, go for it and find something you will love and use. And please don't let a SA push you to buy items you don't want.
  4. perfectly said!!!!!
  5. Please exchange it if you are not happy. I have never had a problem exchanging items ever. It should be no problem at all.
  6. What??
    Exchange it!!
  7. Thank you everyone!! I just don't want to offend the SA bec the SA picked it out for my husband. Just feel bad looking at a beautiful piece that we won't even use :sad:
  8. Of course you can return it & you should buy what works in your life & lifestyle

    Think that SA's are professional enough to understnd not every gift works...
  9. It is ok to exchange for other non-bag items as I had this experience before.
    In my country, generally they will offer u B or K only if u have purchased up to an amount, it is quite annoying! :sad:
  10. Dito!
  11. I think you should really return it! And maybe if you tell her how you really feel - that you love it but having 2 children at home under 2 is hard to keep, if she still get offended this way, clearly she has a problem and you should not be having a relationship with her as she'll always pull this tricks on you and make you buy more items that you don't need. There are plenty of Hermes items that you will fall in love with, may not be now, but when it's the right time, you will realize it LOL just like I never underSTOOD about scarf, about perfume travel case, etc.etc.
    I am sure your SA in Hermes are professional enough to understand where you're coming from, otherwise, she isn't the only SA in the world!
  12. I second this! :smile:
  13. Why would the SA be offended? She might have helped ur husband pick it out but she didn't buy it for you :winkiss:
    She will understand dear. U have toddlers. Enough said.
  14. Exchange within the timeframe allotted by the boutique and you should be fine. I would however deter people who are serial returners to use that tactic at h. It's definitely frowned upon.
  15. I don't understand how your husband could've have brought the ash tray home when neither of you smoke. And i don't like how your SA is pushing stuff on you....to be honest, i feel like she is taking advantage of the situation. i would find a new SA asap. I have bought at least 6 hermes birkin/kelly from US boutiques and I have never ever bought any random objects as "add ons" or "entrance fee". There had been times when SAs asked me to buy random stuff, i just tell them firmly, "no, i dont like it."