Exchanging an ergo hobo

  1. hi guys,

    my mom recently got an ergo hobo from dillards for as a late bday present for me, she forgot that i mentioned i didnt like the hobo, but a tote. i wanted to exchange it for the leather tote and pay the difference. but there's no dillards in my vicinity, i was wondering if i could exchange it at a boutique? or should i just ship it back to my mom and have her just return it at dillards? it hasnt been used it, still has tags and stuff. thanks soo much!
  2. I would think the ethical thing to do would be to exchange it through Dillard's since it was purchased there and the Coach store didn't get the sale.

    However, I have heard that Coach has taken exchanges without receipt as long as the item is new and the tags are still attached.
  3. which ergo is it? is it one of the ones that are currently on clearance at dillards? without a receipt, the coach store may let you return it at the lowest price it was sold at.
  4. it's a sig stripe one. i dont know if it was bought during clearance, she bought it last week? either way, i don't want to return it and get money back, i just want to exchange it for a large tote and pay the difference.
    thanks for your help ladies, i'll just go tomorrow to the boutique and explain to the SA!
  5. hmm.. signature stripe ergo? never seen it..
  6. haha oops.. i've been thinking and typing "sig stripe" all day trying to eBay a tote that it came as reflex. i meant the sig ergo.
  7. ahh.. i see what colors?
  8. Doesn't Dillard's put the yellow return stickers on their tags? If so, I doubt the Coach boutique would exchange it since it was obviously not purchased there. Just my guess...