Exchanging after PCE

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  1. Ladies-

    I remember talks about this during the last PCE, but I can't remember the specifics so I'm hoping some of you will help me out with the details.

    I remember talks of buying something during the PCE that's the same price of the item you want that isn't available right now and then exchanging it for the item you want when it comes to the store.

    Does this sound familiar?

    I think the thread had something to do with wanting the ergo and not being able to get it or maybe it was the carly med/large in khaki gold but not being about to get it so getting the black one instead to trade in for the khaki/gold carly when it come in.

    Anyone remember this? Did anyone try it?
    How did it work?
  2. I bought an Ergo leather tote during last PCE, decided I wanted the large version when it arrived. I expected to only receive credit for what I actually paid, didn't even ask. However, when the SA rang up my purchase they actually gave me credit for full retail. They knew how much I paid, I gave them my receipt. I didn't complain...it was sort of like still getting my PCE discount after the event...
  3. I believe you can exchange something which you purchased for th pce to something of the same full retail value. Can one of the Coach SA's chime in.
  4. Hmm...I got where you said they knew, but I wonder if that was an error on their part.
    Thanks for sharing =)
  5. That's something I like to hear! I hope one of the SAs can clarify.
    I'm eyeing a bag from the catalog.
    It's available to order, but not PCE order. I want it!
  6. Great question. I'm eyeing the Abbey Flap for $798 from the upcoming catalog. Wondering if I can get a leather Mandy and exchange after????
  7. Do you know you read my mind? LOL
    I've already ordered one Mancy to keep and I was planning on grabbing another mandy if the exchange would be possible.
  8. Well, when I called my SA today to find out if I could get a catalog I asked if any could be ordered and he said not yet, but you could get a bag of the same price and exchange. I won't be going to the store until Friday to get the card, but I will definitely reconfirm with him in person, and if he says I can I most certainly will be doing that. I got lost in the other thread, do you know if the Abbey comes out in July or August?
  9. I believer Handbglvr said the new stuff is supposed to be on display Friday, the 15th. Couldn't you just exchange what you have for something in the store then?
  10. The next floorset isn't until the 21st, it's not this Friday.
  11. ^^Thanks. I guess that makes more sense now.
  12. Sorry, I was told the 15th.
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