exchanging a Hermes scarf when there is no Hermes in your country?

  1. Hello. I am new to Hermes forum, and hope you can offer some help re: Hermes scarf.

    My DH bought me one in late November at Hermes in Charles De Gaulle. He gave it to me for Christmas. As much as I love him for it, it's not my colour/design style. He said he was a bit overwhelmed in the store and the ladies there convinced him that I would love it as it is a very popular design.

    Anyway, I live in Edinburgh, and there in no Hermes here. I called the London store, and they gave me the number for Hermes, Paris. I called them today and was transferred around several times, and ultimately told I would have to call back another time as no one was available probably due to the fact it was lunch time. If I can't organize an exchange via mail, we are going to Paris in February so could do it then. The purchase date was 28th November, we have the receipt. Is that too long to wait to exchange?

    Many thanks for any help/suggestions.
  2. I made an exchange for a bracelet that was bought in Paris two months prior, it was too small for me and was unworn. I took it into the store in Amsterdam with the receipt (from Paris) and they exchanged it without any problems or questions. They were really great about it.
  3. there is a hermes in glasgow check the no for the store on their website--its 01412489775
  4. Thank you for your quick replies.

    Glasgow? Excellent. Can take the two year son a train ride...he loves trains. A great shopping day for him and me!

    Thanks again.:yes:

  5. Thanks again. Exchanged by Hermes scarf today. Got a red/blue/grey pleated one. I love love love it!:yahoo:

    Really appreciate the help!

  6. u r welcome enjoy ur new scarf:heart: ,were there many different bags there???
  7. Hi

    There were a few lovely light blue bags (sorry I don't know what style) and a gorgeous red bag, and I believe one camel coloured bag.

    The only bag I would clearly recognize would be a Birkin or Kelly and it was not either of those.:yes:
  8. Hermes seems to be changing their stand on exchanges. Scarves used to come with cards that said they would be pleased to do an exchange anytime. That is no more

    I have heard various stories recently

    - one H boutique refused to let a customer exchange a defective scarf - with a major printing error discovered once at home - this was within a few days of purchase
    - another store said it does refunds/exchanges only within 10 days - I failed to ask if this was for a purchase at THAT store or anotehr H store.
    - I wonder whether a store would accept a scarf from a duty free boutique

    It depends a lot on whether you know the store & SAs, how much you buy etc