Exchanging 50 Keepall to 60. Straps or not?

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  1. Okay i got the keepall for my trip to thailand next month. My sister is leaving for thailand first tomorrow. I dont know what treasure she is putting in. Must be a lot. Now she cannot have it zipped up. OMG! So we are exchanging it for a 60. So tell me do we need the strap? it cost abt SGD300(USD200) more. Its not a lot of money but i feel that if the strap is not comfortable/practical its a waste of that money.

  2. if you are going that big, i would suggests getting it with straps. it can get quite heavy to be a handheld. with the straps, it can free up your hands for other bags. congrats on your keepall though!
  3. ^^ thanks.. yeah i guess it can get heavy after a while.. I've checked with the LV SGD headquarters they ran out of 55/60 damier keepall.. :sad: vachetta and airport do not match..
  4. I'd say go with the strap! The strap will be A LOT of help when it comes to carrying heavy stuff, from my experience- it is very practical too.

    Enjoy Thailand! :biggrin:
  5. I'd exchange it for the Keepall 60 Bandouliere.
  6. if its that big then yes to straps but with a 60 it cant be carry on i only just can take my 55 aboard
  7. ????.. cant find it at louisvuitton.com
  8. Yep, I think Caities' right. But, if you don't mind leaving your keepall to the baggage handlers then go for the one with the strap. It may seem like a waste of money, but it's totally worth it as it comes in use when your huffing and puffing your way out of the airprt, lol.
  9. I would be way too terrified to check an LV keepall and you can't take the 60 as a carry on. I would keep the 50 and take an extra large bag with it. I can't even imagine what baggage handlers would do with a 60. I would also worry about my luggage getting "lost," i.e., stolen. It happened to a friend of mine. She was positive her keepall was stolen by someone in the baggage department, but couldn't prove it. She never got it back and all they gave her was the minimum of what is covered because she didn't purchase extra insurance. I think she got like $300 and lost not only the keepall, but everything in it. I would be way to scared to travel with an LV that went out of my sight. I would keep the 50 and check another less expensive bag.
  10. ^You could get away with a 60 on an Int'nl flight.
  11. My friend flew to Rome last month and was told she could not carry on her 60. There is no guarantee if the flight is crowded and they don't feel it will fit in the overhead. I just wouldn't take the chance. Most airlines don't allow anything above the 55.
  12. you may need straps with the 60. I can get very heavy if you overload.
  13. Straps are a must on anything 55 and above. At least for me -- I'm such a weakling, lol. I fly all the time (internationally 99.7 % of the time); most airlines don't allow anything over the size of the 55. You may get past check-in, but the flight attendants will stop and tag your bag right before you get on.
  14. I would go for the straps, it could be very heavy if it is packed with as much stuff as you say it is! LOL!
  15. Yes, get the strap. I ever had Keepall 60, it's so heavy to carry without strap.