exchanges at saks? (pic)

  1. i took my classic jumbo out today and when i was getting it ready to be put back into it's dust bag and box, i noticed a part of interwoven leather was loose from the chain. I've only used this purse 3 times or so, but i haven't done anything strenuous to it, but maybe it just wasn't perfect from the factory.. at the same time, i was always thinking about exchanging the jumbo for a med/large flap.. so i was wondering if i already took the tag off, is it still possible for me to exchange the bag for another one? Despite the price difference now (since mine was bought pre-hike).

    and if not, and i am forced to repair the bag at chanel... how long will it take? thanks!

  2. I don't know if I will be in the minority on this, but I hope not. I don't feel you should be able to return it mostly because you say you used it "3 times or so"... I obviously do think you should have Chanel repair or replace whatever they choose since it should not have come apart like this. My feeling of repair over replacement is totally based on the fact you say it's been used multiple times. I would feel differently if it were brought home from the boutique defective.

    I do not think it is right nor fair at all for anyone to get use out of an item and then return it as brand new to be sold to another customer. I feel this is what helps contribute to increased prices on goods whether it be a $1. item or a $1000. item.

    This hits a nerve for me as I will not and have not ever returned an item that I have gotten use out of unless it was defective and the manufacturer could not or would not repair and chose to offer a replacement.
  3. thanks for your input.. honestly, i wasn't trying to exchange an used bag for a new one, i just thought it'd be quicker then waiting for chanel to repair it. i've heard people post that it takes 2 months for it to come back and i didnt think that was quite fair for me. As i've just newly purchased my chanel and now i have to live without it because it wasn't thorougly examined before leaving the factory. BUt, in any case, i think you are right in that i shouldn't let another customer suffer what i have been through. i will just bring it to the Saks i got it from to have them send it back for repairs. thanks~
  4. Well I would think that you SHOULD be able to return it for exchange even if you HAVE used it 3x or so, given that you haven't had it that long for the leather to come loose like that. And any s/a who would put a defective bag out for resale in that condition should turn in her Chanel badge...
  5. The exact thing happened to my medium classic. The repaired it for free, but it did take about 8 weeks.
  6. sweet pees, yes I understand your intention was not to exchange a used bag for new. What I understood your post to mean was... you intended to return a bag that you had used multiple times (even if it looked unused) and while packing it up you noticed the damage. So forget the damage for a minute and let's say that there is no damage and you are wanting to return a bag you have used multiple times for a full refund... That is what I have a problem with, this is what I do not think is right.

    Maybe, I have misunderstood the OP's post or read more into what it was, so forgive me if I have. However, I do feel this way and I know it applies to some shoppers out there.
  7. How long have you had it? If it's been a month or less I think you should exchange it-I also doubt as to whether the store would re-sell it like that , it's too noticeable. If this honestly happened on it's own and through nothing you did-the store should exchange it for you.
  8. ohh, i see the confusion now.. it's because i also mentioned that i've been thinking about exchanging the purse for a med/large and that must have been misleading. What i meant to say was that i've been thinking about exchanging the jumbo for a med/large but knew i couldn't since the tag was already off, but now that the bag is defective, i may be able to do so..
  9. i still have the reciept and i just purchased it on jan 27th. it was my first chanel so i didnt dare to take it out in the rain or even if i'm just visiting a friends place (as i knew they would think i was crazy to store it in a dustbag.. there is also a little puppy jumping up and down the sofa/tables). including today, i have only used the bag 3 times. And it's not even like i use it for long hours. if i were to add up the hours, it would be less than 20.
  10. Yep, confusion... :hysteric: ... Sorry.

    Thank you for seeing how I could have read that into your post.

    Forget I said anything, please carry on..........:noggin:
  11. Sorry it came apart like that on you...good luck getting the bag fixed!!! :yes:
  12. after i reread my post, i totally see how anyone could have misread it.. But you're still right, i shouldnt let them resell it. MAybe i'll ask if i can do the exchange and let them know it's because of the loose leather and hope that they'll say yes. if not, i'll see my baby in 8 weeks :crybaby: :cursing:
  13. I think if you had it for less than a month you can exchange it. I mentioned it in other posting that I bought a Prada bag from NM one time and had it for few weeks when I realized the side part is torn...(not sure if it happened after I purchased or before). But I took it to the store and they gave me full refund.
  14. thanks for letting me know, i will definitely try tomorrow. but even then, theres the other issue of the price difference, so my best bet is probably to repair it at chanel.
  15. You should have no problem doing an exchange if it was purchased damaged. I just exchange my luxe bowler at NM b/c the metal chain was completely tarnished/discolored. I received it as a gift for xmas, so it's been quite a while, but never used it (still stuffed and wrapped).

    Since I hadn't used it and only quickly looked it over when I received it I did not notice the chain issue til recently. I'm sure if its damaged it would not go back out on the floor. But I do agree w/ bella that if someone uses a bag (not referring to u sweet_pees ;) just in general) it should not be returned or exchanged unless mfg defect (as in ur case sweet.