Exchanged Silvana for Patchwork Bowler - It's So Much Better IRL

  1. I gave it a lot of thought, and as much as I love the Silvana, I love my new Mina even more and I honestly don't think I need two green bags. I really don't think I'd be reaching for the Silvana nearly as much as I'd reach for my Mina, so I decided to exchange it for something different. I was hoping to find a Stam somewhere, so I called my local Nordstroms this morning to take a chance on finding a Stam bag - No stams to be found (apparently all the sale Stams are gone :crybaby:)

    I asked the SA I talked to what MJ bags they still had left. She said they had a Baby Stam as well as three of the Metallic Python bags. Then she said they had one more - the Patchwork Bowler in Gray (its actually silver). She said it was about the same size as the Stam but maybe slightly smaller. I asked her to hold it & looked up its pic online but could only find a pic of it in Bordeaux. I posted a thread asking about the bag, but it doesn't seem that there's very much known about this bag. I did find a couple of pics of Katie Holmes and Leila Alia w/what was believed to be the Patchwork Bowler.

    The bag is so much better IRL than the pics show. The leather's very soft and it has the lighter weight "raincoat"-like lining. I was concerned about the handles being too short (they'll never fit on the shoulder the way they are), but that won't be a problem since the handles unhook and you can connect the strap to form a longer shoulder strap (and the bag looks really cute carried this way - I tried it out in the store!!) It doesn't quite look like the same as in the pics of Katie & Leila, but maybe when you start filling the bag, the weight of its contents will change its shape (with nothing in it, it's longer & shorter - in those pics it looks more square). The measurements I found online are way off. They say 15" high - maybe w/the handles all the way extended, but the body of the bag is no more than 9-9.5". There's still plenty of room inside to carry it every day.

    So I decided to get it & exchanged my Teal Silvana for this one. The patchwork Bowler is gorgeous and so different from anything I own - from the color down to the style. I can't wait to try it out!!!

    It's very hard to capture this bag's true color & beauty - Maybe tomorrow in natural light, I can get a better pic.

  2. congrats, it's so gorgeous! I wish I could feel the leather!!
  3. ^Ditto, gorgeous:drool:, I want to touch it!
  4. Very pretty!
  5. Oh, that is just stunning! I love the color, what is it called? Just Gray?

    Congrats, I always love your taste in bags! :smile:
  6. Precious look! Love it! Enjoy!
  7. Thank you!:smile:

    The color is actually Silver, not gray (she must have just said gray on the phone w/o looking at the tag). It's not a very shiny silver though - it isn't the metallic leather (I don't think the color will chip and/or rub off). It actually does look more like a lighter gray, which means I can even use this bag in the summer cuz it's not a true wintery shade
  8. Congrats! That is one beautiful bag!!
  9. Love it! I have the baby sister to your bowler - the Silver Camilla! :love: Congrats on your new bowler!
  10. It looks so pretty!
  11. Love that bag!!!
  12. Congrats, that's a really pretty bag :smile: