Exchanged my MC Rift and got....

  1. Long time ago I posted a thread about the bleeding on my white MC Rift...a lot of you suggested me to bring it back to the store and I finally did. The nice SA was surprised that this still happened to the newer white mc. Anyway, she was so nice to let me exchange with something else and here's what i got:

    1. damier azur koala wallet (i wanted to get this for a long time!)
    2. damier azur cles
    3. a gold chain for my pochette

    Well, the mc rift was really a cute bag, but it does make me worried if the bleeding problem will happen again even I exchanged for a brand new one. I am happy with what I got! Yay!!:woohoo:

    P.S. for koala wallet owners, do you have any problems with the buckle so far? do you put coins in the coin pocket? it's a really small compartment so I don't know if i want to put coins in it.
  2. I have three koala wallets and I always use the coin pocket. Congratulations!
  3. Glad it all worked out for have a nice SA!
  4. congrats!!! don't u just love it when 1 item becomes 3? loll`..i dont use my coin compartment for coins..but i use it for buckle is a bit tarnished..but the rest of the wallet looks just like it did when i first bought it!
  5. What a nice SA! And what awesome loot, congrats!
  6. How nice of that SA! Congrats on the new purchases!!!!

    Have any hot pics to share? :nuts:
  7. glad that everything worked out for ya!

    i have the damier koala wallet too and the coin area is really frustrating to me because it's so narrow/small. i ended up not using it and kept a separate coin purse.
  8. Congrats on the new goodies and sorry that the Rift didn't work out!
  9. congrats!
  10. congrats!
  11. sorry about the MC Rift.. but the damier azur items are as nice :tup: