Exchanged my crossbody Marcie for...

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  1. Paraty taupe/greyish/brownish?

  2. Dont know the exact name!

    I love the crossbody still!!! But I cant buy à bag above the 1000 euro in à very long time, so this was my chance! The crossbody is still on my list!
    I couldnt find à marcie that was well made in the departement store where they sell Chloe! All displaymodels had something, ripping leather, loose stitching, there weer no new Marcies.

    So I took à look at the Paraty. And fell in love. First I wanted the Orange, but I have à Lemon Proenza, so I needed à neutral color!

    I think it will look lovely with white knit vest or my pink blazer!!:smile:

    Question: Will the leather gets softer with use?
  3. lovely…would love to own a paraty one day. Enjoy your Chloe :smile:
  4. The Paraty is always an excellent choice IMO. She's lovely!
  5. Such a versatile colour, Chrissie - she's gorgeous!! Sorry, I don't own a Paraty so I can't help on whether the leather softens up...
  6. What a great choice! You can never go wrong with a paraty and the colour is beautiful! Congrats.
  7. paraty is the best! i have had mine for over a year & use it often enough & it still looks beautiful. the leather does break in & get better with use. great choice & enjoy!

    oh,do you think that color is rock or is it more of a grey? i cant id the color, but from what you say it sounds like rock. best bag!
  8. Thanks ladies!

    Great to hear the leather of the paraty wears well and breaks in!

    No problems with hardware either ?

    Ones it stops raining here I can wear the bag outside!!:smile:

    Love the bag and color more and more each day!
    Read on the card it is called Mastic.
  9. Congratulations! Look forward to seeing some modelling pics?
    Afraid I can't help with your questions, as I'm a newbie to Chloe too, but think you've made an excellent choice!!
  10. cannot believe it!my mastic paraty looks more yellow especially in my photos.I know sometimes light changes the color into bright or dark,but actually the mastic is sort of color which's very hard to describe.
  11. Beautiful bag! Great choice!!