Exchanged my Camel Stam for a Mouse Stam

  1. Hello all!

    So, I'm not sure if some of you remember, but I posted a thread about the handles of my Camel Stam discoloring completely (to the point where they were whitish) after a week of use. The SA who sold it to me was kind of enough to let me exchange for another Camel Stam. However, since the exchange, I haven't used the bag...feeling a bit :wtf: :blink: about using it. I guess my hesistation comes from the fact that I spent so much money on it and so far, have had a negative experience that I don't want to relive.

    I finally saw the Mouse Stam in person at Saks, and decided last night to return the Camel Stam for the Mouse. I actually ordered it from NM (since I got the Camel from them, and felt kind of bad taking business away to Saks), so it should be on the way sometime next week. I'm pretty excited, and I'm crossing my fingers that everything will turn out all right.
  2. A very wise decision, SuLi!!! The mouse should be a bit more versatile than the Camel...and should wear a bit better.
  3. I hope you love the mouse! I really really love mine!
  4. Congrats! Are you going to use it for the pf meeting?
  5. SuLi, congrats! Hope this Mouse Stam will be perfect. =)
  6. Aww, I will miss your yummy peanut butter camel Stam. But I do remember the problem you posted. The Mouse looks nice too though, from pics I've seen. Congrats on a good resolution. Please post pics of your new Mouse Stam when she arrives!
  7. Thanks for all the encouraging comments! My boyfriend thinks I'm crazy, naturally.

    I'm not sure yet whether I'll use the Mouse for the DC PF meeting....we'll see. I will post a thread in the general comments section sometime next week with my "outfit" of choice so people will recognize me at Clydes ;) . Can't wait!!!!
  8. I've heard nothing but wonderful things about the Mouse...I think this is one color that photos don't do justice to. I'll be excited for you to post pictures!
  9. I love the mouse,it's my current dream bag!! I can't wait to hear how you get on :smile:.