Exchanged my cabas piano for a bat. horizontal.

  1. I bought a cabas piano from elux in March and have not carried it yet. I wasn't sure why. I kept taking it out of the box, putting it on my shoulder and just thinking...this bag is awesome, why don't I carry it? So after looking at tons of photos of the batignolles horizontal, I have arranged an exchange with elux. Does anyone here have both bags, which do you prefer? I hope I did the right thing. The rep at elux assured me I could return the batignolles too if I am not happy with it. I must say, I love their customer service. Anyway, any thoughts re: cabas piano vs. batignolles? Thanks
  2. I would have to say,"Good choice" !!!
  3. I don't have either but I know a lot of ladies on here like the BH.
  4. I love the cabas, but I love the batignolles even more! It's just so "fresh" and new with those great side buckles.
  5. I have both but I rarely use the cabas. I dont know why. I truly like it. I would never see it. I just dont use it that much. I wish I knew why!
    I use my Batignolles all the time. You know what. I am going to use my Cabas tommorow dammit!! :P
    Good choice on the Bat you will adore it!
  6. Welcome to the batignolles club...I love my horizontal!! I debated between the piano and the batignolles as well...but my heart led me to the right choice! You will love it, I promise!
  7. Thanks I am so excited to get it. I should have it within 2-3 days. I love that feeling of knowing a new bag is on its way!
  8. I really wanted the Cabas, but I just couldn't get it for constant fear of getting the bottom of it dirty. I went with the BH instead and I love it. It's a great bag.
  9. Yay for you!
    I absolutely adore my BH, I think it is a beautiful, practical bag.
  10. I love them both. Having either one is great. Congrats!
  11. Like them both but I prefer the look of the cabas. There's a reason you haven't used yours though so good choice!
  12. I guess I'm in the minority.. I contemplated between batignolles and Cabas also.. I went with Cabas and I love it :love:
  13. i've had my cabas piano. I also wanted a batignolles. I wanted both, so i chose the batignolles vertical so it will look different. if i would've gotten the horizontal, it may look similar. i love both of them but i feel more secure with the cabas piano, as it has a full zipper. The batignolles is just a newer style and everyone loves it. =)
  14. I have one. Its MUCH softer. Not as structured as the Piano and the straps are longer. Good choice! OH and no vachetta bottom to fret about!
  15. I agree, the Batignolles Horizontal is a much better choice! It's cuter and you dont have to worry about putting it down!