Exchanged mono speedy 25 for mono ALMA!

  1. Hi,everybody.I made a post recently to help me decide on my new purchase---i bought mono speedy 25 and was thinking to exchange it for 30.So today i went to the store to try both bags on one more time to compare and finally decide .Well,i just love the 25 but on me it looked a little bit small,and 30 is a little bit big,because i dont carry too much stuff in my bag,so i made an unexpected exchange----i purchased mono alma!!!!!!!So right now this is oficially my new and first LV bag---mono alma!!i am very happy!!!But i still lwant mono speedy 25---but i think i will get it in azur later on!!!;)
    What you guys think about mono alma????>And i have a second question---i forgot to ask SA why you cant take out mono bag in the rainy weather???Can you guys explain please??Thank you. and excuse my english---this is my second language:shame:
  2. You can't take it out in the rain because the leather on the handles and bottom is completely's not waterproof and if it does get wet you will have watermarks on the leather. Use a leather protector before taking it out in the rain (I use Wilson's, other people use Appleguard or Shining Monkey). I spray two coats....first coat, then second coat about an hour later. The canvas part of the bag is ok in the rain though. Hope this helps. :smile:
  3. congrats!! i think the mono alma is a very classic bag :yes:

    i think the SA commented that you shouldnt (not cant, whose to stop you from taking it out in the rain?) take it out in the rain because of the vachetta leather. the rain will leave water spots on the leather
  4. I see,but what about taking it out in the rain when the leather becomes darker?Will it be ok then?
  5. You may still get watermarks (they may or may not not be as noticeable) because the leather is not protected in any kind of way....spraying with a leather protector will solve that problem.