Exchanged an item & got a VIP gift

  1. I exchanged the Amarante Snap Billfold Wallet today at the City of London store, as I couldn't cope with the finger marks as soon as I touched it:sad:

    The SA's hadn't seen any Amarante IRL and loved it.

    Decided to get a Azur Speedy 25 instead (never really wanted a Speedy before, but thought the 25 was cute) and decided I needed the matching Zippy Wallet, Mini Pochette & Cles to go with it:graucho:

    And guess what, my SA gave me a VIP gift:yahoo: I've only been buying LV for 1 month, so am amazed that I got a gift.

    Here's a picture of what they gave me. It will go really well with my Mono Canvas BH.

    I am going on a self imposed ban now, as I really MUST NOT spend any more until I get another job (how long the ban will last is anyones guess:rolleyes:)

    I am a happy lady this afternoon.

  2. It's so cute!! :girlsigh: It can totally go with everything.
  3. That's sooooooooo cool!!! :biggrin: congrats on your purchases and on your VIP gift!! It's awsome!!
  4. congrats on the haul and the VIC gift. it so cute. the only VIC gift i have is some game thats made up of wood sticks:confused1:. i love the key ring.
  5. now that's an awesome vip gift!! one you can actually use!! congrats on your haul and your new vip status!!
  6. That is so great! Congrats!
  7. Congrats!!
  8. Awesome choices and congrats on the gift!
  9. Very nice!!! Sounds like a great day for all!
  10. That is very cute, congratulations on your Speedy & accessories!!
  11. Congratulations on your haul! That's a cute VIP gift!
  12. glad you had a great day and those were some awesome choices and vip gifts!
  13. Congrats!
  14. You are the luckiest!
  15. Wow, awesome! Congrats on the gift and I'm sure you will just love your new items.