Exchanged an item & got a VIP gift


Loving LV
May 11, 2007
I exchanged the Amarante Snap Billfold Wallet today at the City of London store, as I couldn't cope with the finger marks as soon as I touched it:sad:

The SA's hadn't seen any Amarante IRL and loved it.

Decided to get a Azur Speedy 25 instead (never really wanted a Speedy before, but thought the 25 was cute) and decided I needed the matching Zippy Wallet, Mini Pochette & Cles to go with it:graucho:

And guess what, my SA gave me a VIP gift:yahoo: I've only been buying LV for 1 month, so am amazed that I got a gift.

Here's a picture of what they gave me. It will go really well with my Mono Canvas BH.

I am going on a self imposed ban now, as I really MUST NOT spend any more until I get another job (how long the ban will last is anyones guess:rolleyes:)

I am a happy lady this afternoon.



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