Exchange, w/tags w/o receipt?

  1. Hola! Has anybody tried to make an exchange or get credit when they have something new with tags but didn't get a receipt cause it was a gift??
  2. I return them all the time. A SA told me one time that I didn't need the receipt, so unless I want my money back I don't both taking/looking for the receipt for an even-exchange or a merchandise credit card.
  3. i did that once.i exchanged the bag for another style and paid the difference and i didn't have the receipt.
  4. I did it. I went to return one without a receipt (I am sure they never gave me one) and they gave me store credit. T I removed the tag and they don't said nothing for that, they was very nice. ;)
  5. what about if it is older merchandise???? like not from the last couple seasons?
  6. I don't know... maybe they exchange it if is still new!
  7. Marcela every time I see one of your posts I get happy because you're so sweet, but also because I get to see your son's ADORABLE little baby face looking at me!!!! Seriously do you ever leave him for a second? Cause I wouldn't be able to!

  8. Older stuff that has been at the outlets gets the lowest outlet price if there is no receipt, I believe. I overheard them telling this to a lady returning a purse that was older.. a soho hobo. Can anyone else confirm or deny this? Do they do that if it doesn't have the bullseye stamp, I don't know if hers did..
  9. What if it hasn't been at the outlet???
    LOL Sorry I keep asking new questions...

    As long as I can get SOME credit I guess?
  10. Maybe you should ask how much you will get. If it's a popular style it may get more on eBay:yes:
  11. lol true! i've never sold anything on eBay, i have only bought...ahh.

    first time for everything maybe!!!!
  12. Ohhh YOU are so sweet!
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