Exchange vernis cles for vernis zippy coin purse?

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  1. I recently purchased the vernis cles in pomme d'amour because I fell in love with the color and thought it would be a useful piece. Now, I'm not entirely sure how much use I will get out of it (I do already own the cles in mono). I noticed the vernis zippy coin purse is not significantly more expensive and perhaps might be a better investment and more useful over the long run. I'd appreciate any thoughts from those who own either (or both). Thank you.
  2. Return it. I just got my mono zippy coin purse and I love it. The cles isn't really that functional and if you have one already, definitely get the vernis pomme zippy, it is so gorgeous!
  3. How were you planning on using the cles?
  4. Cards, ID, a little money - I thought I'd use it as a grab and go piece when I don't want to carry my bag.
  5. If you are not sure about it then exchange it for the coin purse. That can be your grab and go item instead, since it is quite small but fits a lot.
  6. I have both and love them! I do use them for different purposes though.. I originally bought my cles for the same reason you did but i found it a bit small for my needs..I use my cles to store my cards since my emilie wallet only has 4 card slots.. My zcp I bought for my smaller bags.. It is a great grab and go item! It holds so much. I can fit everything in my cles and emilie inside my zcp.. If your unsure and have no use for cles, return it. I highly recommend the zcp.. :biggrin:
  7. I would return it for the ZCP...such a handy item:smile:
  8. Change it so we can be twins :biggrin:

    Seriously, if u feel you'll be happy on
    Zcp .. Go for it !!!! I think u will use it
    more ;) good luck deciding !!!!!'
  9. I agree with the others. Exchange for a ZCP.
  10. Thank you all for your input - the advice was pretty unanimous. I agree and will be doing the exchange.
  11. I was going to say keep the cles! It is my favorite piece. I use mine for my drivers license and my two main credit cards. (in the side pocket) Then I put a bit of cash, some business cards on the inside and any change if i get it when I'm out and about. I can grab and go with the cles or while shopping, if I only need those items, I just pull out the cles instead of my main larger wallet (mono zippy organizer). I had the ZCP and never used it at all. Either works for a small wallet but I just prefer the cles. I love the design and that little LV plate. :smile:
  12. I would return and get the ZCP. I have the cles in the black MC and I rarely use it except for storing business cards.
  13. I have both the cles and the zcp... and I would definitely prefer the zcp over the cles... that's why I have 2 vernis zcps and I wouldn't mind getting more if they came out with another must-have colour.

    I would only get the cles if there was no other small item available in that colour.. I don't find it very useful since it's rather large to fit into a pocket. I prefer my simple card holder for my ID and credit card grab-n-go item.
  14. I would exchange it. The zippy coin purse is perfect for what you will be using it for.
  15. I know, it's such a beautiful little item, right? I'm having a hard time giving it up, and yet I feel I can't keep it if I won't really use it that much, given that I have the mono cles too.