Exchange through eBay

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  1. I'm fairly new to ebay and not sure if this is normal. I bought a bag listed as NWT and seller stated it was in perfect condition and would ship with a gift box and tissue. I received it crammed in an envelope with no box and the strap is damaged. I contacted the seller, sent pics of the damage, and they said they had another bag in perfect condition. They said to open a return through eBay and ship the bag back to them. Once they receive the damaged bag they will ship out the new one and cancel the return request.

    Is this the normal way to handle a situation like this? I feel like I shouldn't have to pay return shipping for a damaged bag and run the risk of never receiving the new bag. I opened a return case like the seller has requested but have not shipped the bag out yet.

    What I really want is to just return it and call it done. This bag has been a headache and I'm afraid the new one will be poorly shipped and damaged as well. Seller states though that they do not offer returns.
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    No, you can open a return request with not as described and that way the seller is responsible for creating a return label for you. She may be asking you to do it the other way so she doesn't have to pay for return shipping

    Also I don't know about exchanging it I would ask for a full refund and then think about it some more given her track record. She cannot force an exchange on you or use that as a condition to accept your return. She needs to fully refund you.

    To do this:
    Purchase history - pulldown menu - return item
    Reason: "doesn't match description or photos"
    Enter what you described in the box or upload images as needed to showcase the damage

    On your ebay app it looks like this attached after going to "more options" from the item purchased page

    Once you do this the seller will have a chance to respond to the request they can either grant the return and create a label for you or they will fight the claim. If they fight the claim ebay can step in after a certain amount of days and make a decision which, based on what you said, will be on your behalf and then force the return on the seller and force them to create a label for you.
  3. I opened a return request a few days ago and uploaded pics of the damage on the strap. The seller never responded to it, only messaged me that she would cancel the request once I received the new one.

    Is there anything else I need to 'officially' do through eBay? This is the description of my requested return so far:
    There's still time to work things out with the seller.

    If they don’t respond or agree to accept your return by April 21, 2016, you can ask us to step in and help.

    Should I just email them and say I want to forgo the exchange and just straight up return it?

    Thanks for the help!
  4. In the return request did you mark it as not as described?
    If so, then message your seller back and ask them to respond back on the case. If the seller is uncooperative then wait till 4/21 and wait for ebay to step in and help. Don't negotiate w the seller outside of the official return process in this situation
  5. Yes, and I added that the item was damaged. Also, I know that the damage was not from shipping. It appears as though there was a big chunk of leather missing and it was patched with some type of glue or sealant.

    I will message them to say I just want a return and not an exchange. Hopefully they won't give me any problems.

  6. Good
    Just let them know to respond w any comments on the return thread and not the separate messages (although ebay can still go in and look at them they have to weed through them and you have to bring it up)
    And if they aren't helpful ebay should be able to grant your return

  7. So this was my response from them:

    okay I will wait for the item first. I will communicate with you once I receive it. thanks

    I guess that means they do not plan on setting up a return label for me?
    Should I just wait until the 21st and have ebay step in?
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    Tell them to accept the request request and generate a return label through ebay. Once they click accept return, they have to refund you within 6 days of receiving the item, if they don't, contact ebay and they will refund you.

    If they don't do the above, escalate it when you can, ebay will give you the return label and refund you once the seller has the item back (if seller doesn't refund you on their own). This is what I had to do with an unresponsive seller that sent me the most filthy disgusting bag I have ever seen. It was so dirty inside that a white paper towel turned black when I touched it (I wasn't going to use my hands) :sick: I submitted those pics to ebay in my SNAD return request for proof.
  9. If you didn't choose the "not as described" option for return, I don't believe you can change it. And if that's the case, the seller won't be charged for the return label.

  10. Ewwwwww! Sooooo gross!
  11. I marked it "arrived damaged ". I really don't mind paying shipping just so I can get this over with. Should I just go to the post office and ship it back like seller requested or do I need to generate a label through eBay?
  12. Wait to escalate the case and if ebay finds in your favor, you'll get the label and the money for it will come from the seller's account.

    If they don't find in your favor (though I can't imagine why not), pay for a label yourself and send it back. Be sure to use tracking and if the amount of purchase was $750+. get s.c.

  13. Ok, thanks so much for the help once again! It was only a $200 bag and I only have to wait until the 21st to escalate it.
  14. Thanks to everyone who has helped. Ebay decided in my favor, I will be shipping it back today. Hopefully everything goes smoothly now.
  15. Good!